It’s no secret that Colorado’s Front Range communities are highly sought after places to live. When new communities are created, there’s an obvious need for additional homes, neighborhoods, and roads, but how about preserving the past? Fortunately, at Independence we value history and treasure the legacies left behind by those who came before us. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to honor our original homesteaders by preserving the land’s original historic structures, and integrating them into usable amenities within our modern community. 

History, First

Prior to the arrival of settlers to the area, Ute, Arapaho, and Southern Cheyenne Native American tribes called the Great Plains in this area home. These tribes were nomadic, living in collaboration with the living ecosystem – including buffalo, elk, and deer – so both could survive and thrive. 

As the settler colonialism mindset continued to drive people west, the county of Elbert became the cross-roads of many crucial railroad tracks, including the Colorado and Southern, Denver and New Orleans, and Rock Island. Because the Native populations were such knowledgeable stewards of the land and soil was extremely fertile, modern farming in this area exploded. This gave way to logging, dairy production, a saw mill, and more throughout the handful of towns that make up Elbert County. 

Preservation, Second

Elbert County is home to numerous historic structures that were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The group behind Independence in Elizabeth, Colorado, wanted to acknowledge and incorporate the rich histories of the land, while continuing to protect large swaths of land from development. Some structures are in states of disrepair. However, others can be restored, preserved, and utilized. 

In an effort to promote the heritage of Elbert County, Independence has preserved and restored several  century-old structures located within the community. Additionally, many artifacts found within these buildings have been restored to their original appearance. The History Quest, a local company that specializes in genealogy, history, and restoration has saved and restored numerous artifacts and plans to display them in a local coffee shop, once open, and in preserved structures. 

Independence has also preserved its three iconic windmills as a testament to innovation and collaboration with the natural world. The Farmhouse Victorian and its barn, complete with a vintage American flag painted on its side, are currently under renovation with the Victorian, set to be a coffee shop. License plates from the first 76 home buyers have also been mounted on the side of the historic barn as a testament to the year Americans signed the Declaration of Independence: 1776.

Going Beyond

In addition to preserving the old, Independence is committed to creating new spaces that allow all living residents within the neighborhood to thrive. Wildlife corridors, existing wetlands, and natural habitats have all been restored.  In partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion, Independence is also creating a Pollinator District to ensure that pollinator diversity and abundance increases in Independence’s main community center – Homestead Park. 

Denver Urban Gardens and Independence Community are also creating community gardens that will enable volunteer resident gardeners to build upon their current gardening skills, promote natural beauty, and foster healthy food sources this spring/summer. Water-wise techniques will be implemented throughout to ensure this dryer environment can make the most out of its water sources. 

It’s an effort to preserve historical structures while also creating new, healthy spaces for people, plants and animals to thrive. The Independence Community in Elizabeth, Colorado is committed to utilizing our resources to preserve what came before, and to preserve what’s to come, so future generations can enjoy this beautiful space we call home. Contact us to learn more about our conservation community  just outside of Parker, Colorado.

Seeing our great state from the wheels of a bicycle is both freeing and healthy and it’s also one of the most efficient and climate-friendly ways to travel! Fortunately for Independence Community residents, Elbert County offers plenty of bike trails for traversing this beautiful area. Here are a few to check out (including the distance from Independence) when the snow and ice have finally melted!

Hilltop Trails – 8 miles

Situated between Parker and Elizabeth, Colorado, Hilltop Trails offers a  series of hiking and biking trails with sweeping views of the surrounding foothills and mountains. Gentle grades and easy terrain make this a great option to stretch your legs or treat out-of-town visitors to an approachable outdoor adventure! 

Sulphur Gulch Trail – 10 miles

This four-and-a-half-miles trail that crosses under Parker Road connects Cherry Creek Trail with Bar CCC Park. The well-maintained concrete path makes biking a breeze, no matter the season. Head out on Sulphur Gulch Trail during a warm winter day to enjoy sights of the Rockies in the distance, or take a side trail to experience another part of the great outdoors. 

Castlewood Canyon State Park – 15 miles

Trails range from one to four miles long at this quiet state park. Located nearby in Franktown, there are  over a dozen different trails in Castlewood Canyon State Park to explore that are especially beautiful in the spring, thanks to the blooming wildflowers, budding trees, and cottonwood blossoms. 

Chatfield State Park – 30 miles

A beautiful series of trails wind through Chatfield that are frequently enjoyed by hikers, joggers, horseback riders, and bikers. Leisurely pedal your way through natural areas and over small ponds of water on Chatfield’s pedestrian trails. With 10 miles of paved and 16 miles of unpaved terrain, this biking area offers plenty of adventure for even the most skilled bikers! 

Bonus Trails: Cherry Creek State Park – 19 miles

Cherry Creek State Park is also well worth the short drive. Pop your bikes on the bike rack and spend a day tooling around the miles and miles of bike trails throughout this vast state park. The bike trails are well-maintained and boast plenty of other two-wheeled explorers year-round, in addition to parks, campsites and BBQs.

Living just outside of Denver’s hustle and bustle offers residents easier access to nature and the mountains. Independence Neighborhood is home to beautiful open space, biking and walking paths, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about our community-focused neighborhood! 

This Valentine’s Day, instead of giving the traditional card and chocolates, treat your significant other to something new and different to show them how much you care! There’s plenty to do for this special day in and around Elizabeth, Colorado. Here are a few options to inspire you: 

Plan a Ski Date

February is one of Colorado’s best snow months. If your valentine loves playing outdoors in the wintertime, treat them to a surprise ski day. Pack coffee or hot cocoa in a thermos, bring along some chocolate-covered strawberries, and share a picnic at the top of the mountain or in the gondola (especially if it’s chilly outside!). Echo Mountain Resort is a fun, small ski mountain about two hours from  Elbert County that makes the perfect getaway for a February 14th ski date. 

Go Antiquing 

Give yourself and your date a budget and check out local antique shops for a truly unique gift. Stop by Randy’s Antiques in downtown Elizabeth and peruse the aisles of artwork, home goods, and more. Drive over to the neighboring town of Franktown and check out Old World Heirlooms or AntiQued for more interesting and unique finds. 

Sunrise & SunnySide Up Eggs

Independence is home to plenty of open space, rolling hills, and walking paths that our residents use to enjoy nature on a daily basis. Head over to Homestead Park with a hot mug of coffee and catch the early morning sunrise. Greet the day, give thanks, then head downtown to one of Elizabeth’s locally-owned diners for a hearty breakfast. 

Hot Springs Getaway

Idaho Springs is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Elizabeth and has one of the best established hot springs along the Front Range. Indian Hot Springs has both private soaking rooms and public pools that are saturated with healing minerals. Book a private room and experience a tranquil soak in an underground cave. 

Bike to Meridiem Spirits

Taste locally-made spirits in the heart of Elizabeth, Colorado at Meridiem Spirits. Made from Colorado grains, the team at this micro distillery put a whole lot of love into their craft and craft cocktails. Grab dinner in town and end the night by tasting world-class gin, vodka, and whiskey made right in your backyard. 

These Valetine’s date ideas offer the chance to dig into all the fantastic things our corner of Colorado has to offer. Meet new people, try a different activity, and recharge with your loved one in the great outdoors. 

Looking for a home that offers community, open space, and a sanctuary away from the rush of daily life? Independence values both people and mother nature. It’s why we’ve created a neighborhood that prioritizes homes close to nature and community connection. Contact us today to learn more.   

With the holiday season behind us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by “all the things” we were given and purchased over the past few months. Our homes tend to collect so much more during the last few months of the year that we look toward January 1st with resolve to put away the holiday decorations, straighten up and create a stress free environment in the place where we spend the most time. Here are a few simple tips for refreshing your home decor this new year (without purchasing a bunch of new things!). 

Declutter and Organize

Before introducing anything new to your space, go through your entire home and donate items you no longer need or use. If you haven’t used it, worn it, or thought about it over the past year, get rid of it. There are plenty of donation sites near Elizabeth, Colorado that redistribute home goods, clothes, and accessories to people in need. Check out Donation Town to find a charity nearby that will pick up donated items. 

Add Bright Artwork

Sometimes refreshing wall decor is all a space needs to feel enlivened and different. Find local artists to support to keep your community vibrant and thriving. The Front Range of Colorado is home to so many talented burgeoning painters, graphic designers, and photographers that you’ll be able to source an abundance of awesome finds. 

Bring Life Indoors

Wintertime in Colorado can fluctuate between beautiful and dreary. Add some greenery to your space and literally breathe life into your home by adorning shelves, tables, and empty corners with house plants. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they can actually help clean the air in your home. Indoor plants are proven to bring mental relief and instantly brighten up any space. Instead of shopping for indoor plants from a big-box store, consider visiting your local nursery like Plum Creek Garden Market

Rearrange the Furniture 

Sometimes rearranging the stuff you already have can refresh an entire room! There is an art and thought-process to creating a welcoming and relaxing space. Certain pieces of furniture are representative of larger ideas, like the dining room table as a place to connect, or the living room couch as a place to recharge, together. Check out these simple Feng Shui tips for arranging each room of your home to invite peace and harmony in. 

Add Color

It’s safe and easy to select neutral tones for our entire home, but too much beige can feel drab and lack character. Introduce pops of color by finding unique, hand-woven rugs or interesting throw pillows to spruce up the living room. Kitchen towels, counter-top appliances, or cabinet hardware offer other easy places to play with colors. Buy some new bedsheets in a funky pattern or swap out your duvet for something lively. There are so many quick ways to inject a bit more life into your space without making it feel cluttered or chaotic. 

We invest a lot of time, energy, and money into our homes. We select a home close to nature, in a peaceful neighborhood that allows us to feel safe and rooted. Purging old, outdated or damaged items in your home and replacing them consciously with thoughtful, locally-sourced pieces is one of the quickest ways to breathe new life into any space. 

Looking for a home that offers peace, tranquility, and an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Independence Neighborhood in Elizabeth, Colorado, is thoughtfully designed to connect its residents with each other and the great outdoors. Contact us today to learn more.  

If you live in Colorado, you know there are many adventures around every corner, making Colorado a great place to start a bucket list. Elbert County, with its Great Plains location southeast of Denver and its rural ranching lifestyle, is the perfect place to experience a variety of adventures ranging from camping, hiking, and riding horses outdoors to shopping at a small-town boutique. If you’re a new Elbert County resident, or visiting for any length of time, here are a few special adventures to add to your 2023 bucket list:

Camping, Hiking, and Outdoor Adventures

Pitch a tent or park an RV at Casey’s RV Hideaway in Elizabeth. Enjoy a first-time camping adventure and start a family tradition!

Hike one or all of the trails at Castlewood Canyon State Park. Trails are easy to moderate and range from less than a mile to four miles.

Ride horses at Latigo Trails Equestrian, which spans 45 acres and hosts an indoor and outdoor arena.

Shopping Excursions

Browse antique treasures from the Eastern Plains at Dancing Wolf Gallery. The items in this boutique are carefully chosen from nearby farmers, ranchers, and other locals, so you know they’re supporting local businesses and neighbors.

Purchase a handcrafted cowboy hat at the Powder River Hat Company. Check this off of the bucket list, and show off your Colorado style.

Local artists are as unique as their work at The Whispering Aspen in Elizabeth. Support community members associated with Integrated Life Choices and take a creative gift home.

Culinary Quests

Order a slice at Buzzards Pizza, arguably one of the best in Elbert County. This place offers every type of pizza topping you can think of (and more)!

Try an elk, bison, or beef burger in the homey South 40 Bar and Grill. A popular restaurant for visitors and locals, the cocktails here are exclusive to Elbert County.

Teetotalers rejoice! Book a private tea party at The Tea Spoon, where the locals rave about the tea and atmosphere. Sip a cup in a place that gives new meaning to high tea.

Occasions for Relaxation

Get your zen on! Do yoga at Evans Park in Elizabeth, with nature as your backdrop and the wind in your hair. The beauty of this setting will inspire you to stay and stroll the park.

Pamper yourself and get your glow on at Natural Reflections Spa. Enjoy a relaxing facial or skincare treatment.

Grab your waders and fishing pole for a day at West Kiowa Creek. Locals know this spot as a great one for catching fish.

Living in Colorado certainly has its perks; the vibe is laid-back, and there’s something to fit any lifestyle. Here in Elbert County, residents enjoy the advantages of modern life with the charm of small-town roots. Take advantage of living here, create that 2023 bucket list, and capture these memorable outdoor, shopping, culinary and relaxing adventures. The Independence Community in Elizabeth embraces the spirit of getting outdoors and adventure. Learn more about the community and Elbert County by trying one of these great activities.

Every community is home to different types of bakers. There are the baking curious, baking enthusiasts, and holiday or special occasions bakers. No matter what type of baker you are, the holiday season is perfect for those who have baked their fair share of pies, tried a recipe or two, or are finding the courage to don an apron and pull out the measuring cups. Tis the season, so let’s get out the rolling pin and bake one of these five must-try recipes!

The Top American Recipe of 2022

The number of recipes out there is staggering, and finding the most popular recipe in 2022 can be daunting. A Google search by York Test revealed that the Magic Cake is the most sought-after American baking recipe in 2022. This French dessert’s magic comes from its unique batter creating three distinct layers as it bakes, eliminating the need for three pans. Like magic, the ingredients bake into a fluffy, sponge top layer, creamy middle layer, and a firm, custard bottom layer. There are many variations of the Magic Cake recipe. This one requires four ingredients and is easy to make, whether you’re a  baking newbie or a top chef.

Most Popular Pandemic Recipe

Changes and trends from the pandemic lockdown still echo through our lives. Stay-at-home or remote work is increasing, staycations are more appealing, and a greater number of people are spending more time in the kitchen. Food & Wine calls out this banana bread recipe  as a top ranking choice during the pandemic. Make this classic that inspired bakers in 2020, whether it’s the Food & Wine version or one with a twist. 

Best Vintage Recipe

Vintage or retro trends circle back around, showing up in fashion, home decor…and baking. For this recipe, we travel back to the 60s for the Tunnel of Fudge Cake, an  era that also gave us tie-dye and ponchos, which are still popular today. You can’t go wrong with a classic. 

New Thanksgiving Dessert 

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s the perfect time to try a new dessert. Save that pumpkin pie for another day and give Spoon University’s new Apple Cinnamon Roll Cake a try. A fresh twist on dessert will add a unique and delicious element to the day if you are cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Combine the fall-like flavors of an apple cinnamon roll with cake, and top it with glaze. It’s sure to be a memorable dessert! 

Healthier Pumpkin Brownies

These flourless brownies combine chocolate with pumpkin to satisfy a craving for sweets without a ton of butter or sugar. Fudgy with the right amount of gooey, bakers watching their waistline or wanting dessert without the guilt can enjoy these mouth-watering brownies all year round. 

Whether you are a patissier or new to the art of baking, there are recipes to match your taste and level of interest. Try your hand at a classic, challenge your skills with a vintage or complex dessert, or find a new favorite. Our warm-hearted Independence Community in Elizabeth is getting ready for this holiday season, and we look forward to welcoming you. Contact us to learn about the homes available in Elbert County. 

There are many reasons to keep your vegetable garden thriving during the snowy winter months, including growing your own food, getting exercise, and adding beauty to your yard. Understanding that gardening in cold weather isn’t for everyone, there are several vegetables that thrive in colder temperatures and are perfect for warm soups and heartier meals throughout the colder months. If you’d like to give winter gardening a try, here are a few tips to help ensure the most successful (and tasty!) winter crop possible: 

Choose Wisely

The best vegetables to plant during winter are those with hardy reputations. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, parsley, broccoli, fava beans, garlic, and spinach can recover from freezing temperatures. Beets, carrots, many types of lettuce, and radishes aren’t as resilient, but tend to do okay in temperatures that dip just below freezing.

Water Regularly

Some gardeners assume that plants need less water once the summer sun disappears for its long winter nap, but watering a winter garden is just as important in cold weather. During the winter, water right before an expected frost, as damp soil is slower to freeze. Water during the day, as well. Watering too late in the evening can leave your plants more susceptible to complications. 

Consider Containers

Growing plants inside a container isn’t always aesthetically appealing, but it is practical, especially if you reside in an area prone to temperature plunges. The main advantage of using containers is that they make your plants portable and enable you to bring your vegetables inside if necessary. 

Light it Up

When gardening in the summer months, throwing a little shade at your plants is no big deal. In fact, a reprieve from the blazing sun may even be beneficial. This is not the case when it comes to a winter harvest. Because you’re already dealing with cold temperatures, your winter garden needs all the warmth and sunlight it can get. To give your plants the best chance at thriving, plant where the sun provides a generous amount of exposure.


There are many garden accessories that will help your plants survive the harsh winter months. From simple frost covers and cold frames to the more extensive (and expensive) polytunnels and greenhouses, you can readily insulate your crops once the weather turns. Snow makes a great insulator, as well.

Independence in Elizabeth, Colorado, offers beautiful new homes with views for miles and gardening opportunities for green thumbs. Contact us to learn more about what we have available.

While spring cleaning is hot on the radar after the last frost melts, preparing for the winter by decluttering in the fall is also advantageous. Living in a clean space and cultivating a calming oasis can help one better prepare and embrace Colorado’s most indoor-inspiring season. Here are a few simple tips for decluttering your home: 

What is Clutter?

Start by defining your idea of clutter. Some people prefer a minimalist design aesthetic, where even a bookshelf would be too hectic. Others like to have shelves of personal objects or momentos displayed in common rooms to inspire conversation or fond memories. Clutter can be defined as anything you keep that doesn’t add value to your life. A junk drawer full of spare parts, a garage packed with broken sports equipment, and filing cabinets full of documents will not likely add inherent value to your day-to-day life. Instead, they will get in the way – both literally and figuratively. Determine what you personally define as clutter, then get to work. 

Start with the Closets

Tidying up expert Marie Kondo suggests that her clients first empty and organize their storage spaces. Take a weekend and pull everything out of your home’s closets, piling your objects in a central location. Say goodbye to items you haven’t used in the past year by donating them to a local second-hand shop, or posting them on a free exchange site like Facebook’s Buy Nothing groups. 

Move Room to Room

After your closets have been decluttered, make a plan to purge unwanted items from each room in your home. This way, you can ensure that there’s no project left unfinished. Assess each room’s items and create a donation pile, a trash pile, and a ‘maybe’ pile. After you’ve removed items you don’t want, need, or use anymore, sort through the ‘maybe’ pile with a better idea of how much spare space you have. 

Use Economic Principles 

This is specifically referring to ‘sunk cost’ and the ‘80/20 rule’. Sunk cost is the amount initially spent on the object that can never be recouped. Unless an item appreciates in value over time (like mid-century barware and 19th century equestrian paintings), most objects lose value the minute we buy them. Don’t keep something because of the money you spent on it years ago if it isn’t adding any value to your life now. Additionally, consider the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time we only use 20% of the items we own. This extends to clothing, cookware, decor, and the like. Separate those 20% items that you know you use frequently, then go through the rest and determine what you would like to keep. 

Read About It Then Sleep On It

A mindset shift is often needed to release possessions that are no longer serving us. Our culture is one that cultivates consumption often in the form of material possessions. This can make it tricky when we’re trying to declutter, despite not wanting our home, cabinets, or closets to seem scarce. Consider reading about minimalism, like The Joy of Less, or Chasing Slow, to gain a new perspective about the things we keep close. 

Waste Not & Donate Locally

Decluttering can feel wasteful because while we are ridding ourselves of belongings, we are offloading them elsewhere. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to prevent unwanted items from ending up in the landfill. Donation Town accepts gently used household items, including home furnishings, furniture, kitchen appliances, dishes, etc., and resells them at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Schedule a pickup to make donating a breeze. 

You don’t have to rid yourself of every material possession to create a decluttered space. Consider what is important to you and why you keep the things you do before going removing what no longer matters. A house is so much more than a place to keep your belongings; it’s a place to make memories, cultivate relationships, and recharge after a long day. The Independence Community in Elizabeth, Colorado, believes that life is meant for living, for sharing, and for embracing the great outdoors. Come see what our warm, welcoming neighborhood is all about. 

You don’t have to be a self-designated foodie to appreciate the magic of a good meal. If you live in Elbert County, casual dining doesn’t just mean knowing where to eat; it means knowing what to eat. We recommend trying these favorite dishes the next time you dine locally: 

The National League at Buzzards Big Mouth Pizza

Buzzards Big Mouth Pizza is located right down the road from the Independence Community in the heart of Elizabeth. It features some very unique flavors and toppings, including cheeseburger, alfredo sauce and even boneless HOT wings (yes, as a pizza topping)! The National League, which merges Italian and Mexican cuisines, is among our favorites. It’s made with refried beans, salsa, cheddar cheese, black olives, onions, jalapeños, and topped with tortilla chips. The restaurant also offers grinders, pastas and calzones, along with options for seniors and kids. 

The Blueberry Streusel Pie at the Tea Spoon

The Tea Spoon can be found in the middle of Elizabeth on Main Street in a charming house that can be challenging to locate without a sign. Don’t let this little detail keep you from stopping by for breakfast or lunch, however! The Tea Spoon offers a wide selection of lunch and breakfast items (with a special focus on teas), and it’s the perfect place to sate your sweet tooth, as well. We recommend the blueberry streusel pie to get the job done. 

The Queso Burger at the South 40 Bar and Grill

The South 40 Bar and Grill in Elbert has an extensive menu that caters to various tastes. It focuses on burgers and offers some wild selections, including a Spicy Peanut Butter Burger and a Pastrami Burger. Our favorite is the Queso Burger, a mouthwatering bite made with a beef patty, bacon, grilled onions, queso, and pepper jack cheese on a pretzel bun.

The Brisket at Little Valley Smokehouse 

If you’re in the mood for barbecue, Little Valley Smokehouse is a hometown favorite. Located in Kiowa, it’s known for its large portions and personalized service. While you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, we recommend the brisket – it’s quite flavorful!

The Chicken Fried Steak at Bernie’s Kitchen

Offering an extensive menu of comfort food classics, Bernie’s Kitchen is located on Kiowa Road in Elizabeth. Bernie’s specializes in Southern and American favorites and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re looking for nourishment that truly feeds your soul, check out the chicken fried steak. 

From well-known restaurants to hidden gems, Elbert County offers a range of dining out options.  Try one of the above to see if our favorites become your favorites, too.

Independence in Elizabeth, Colorado, offers beautiful new homes located near these restaurant options. Contact us to learn more about what homes are available.

Sometimes life gets so busy, it’s all we can do to make it to the weekend. That doesn’t mean you have to stay home to relax and recharge or hop on an airplane when you have so many options here in the Centennial State. Colorado boasts a plethora of hotels, resorts, and getaways that make remaining in our home state a wonderful and enticing option. The following spots are within a few hours’ drive of the Independence Community, offering a  chance to make memories with an impromptu, easily planned staycation.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Just over an hour from Independence Neighborhood in Elizabeth, Colorado, Fort Collins is a fun college town with mountain vibes. Nestled against the foothills, this historic city is equal parts elegant and down to earth. Splurge on a stay at The Elizabeth Hotel in Old Town and enjoy walking to numerous fine-dining restaurants peppered throughout Fort Collins’ charming downtown. If you’re looking for something more low-key, rent a quaint historical home on AirBnB and bike to local craft breweries – this town has 20 of them. Looking for a little more adventure? Rent paddle boards or pack a picnic and head to Horsetooth Reservoir for a day spent splashing in the water and the sun. 

Grand Lake, Colorado

Only a two-hour drive gets you to this picturesque mountain town just west of Rocky Mountain National Park. This alpine lake getaway transports guests to a tranquil, high-elevation hideaway free from Summit County crowds. Post up in a rustic cabin lake-side or book a room at one of Grand Lake’s many hotels or AirBnB. Rent a pontoon boat at the marina and cruise around the gorgeous sparkling waters of Grand Lake. Take a stroll around the small downtown on foot or bike, chat with locals, and fill up on small-town charm with this staycation. 

Boulder, Colorado

There’s a reason that Boulder continuously tops ‘best of’ lists year after year. It’s a beautiful, well-rounded city that offers the best of all worlds. Renowned outdoor recreation like climbing, paragliding and hiking attract adventure enthusiasts from near and far. World-class restaurants continue to find footing along the historic Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall, while dive bars like the Sundowner host locals who will happily share legends of old Boulder in exchange for a beer or two. Award-winning hotels, such as the historic Hotel Boulderado and St Julien are ready and waiting to welcome you with open arms and show you the best that Boulder has to offer. 

Alamosa, Colorado

Known for the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Alamosa has some other unique draws that make it a cool spot to hang for the weekend. Catch the sunset at Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge and bring your camera to snap shots of gorgeous rare birds. Take a train ride back through time by boarding the Rio Grande Railroad and soaking in views of the near-by mountains from the comfort of a train car. If you’re really craving some true rest and relaxation, visit Valley View Hot Springs to soak in natural mineral pools overlooking the valley. Or, camp in luxury just a stone’s throw from the Sangre de Cristo mountain range with Dunes Desert Camp. For a complete list of things to do in Alamosa, check out this article.  

Our welcoming neighborhood is only a hop, skip, and a jump from some of Colorado’s most epic adventures. Contact us today to learn more about Independence, a conservation community  where residents can engage with neighbors, take in scenic views, and embrace this beautiful place we are fortunate to call home.