The importance of open space in home buying.

December 4, 2019

Independence Homes is a community like no other in Colorado, or perhaps the country. What sets it apart more than anything is our commitment to preserving open space, letting the existing topography inform the design of each neighborhood instead of disrupting it to fit our plan. This allows us to live in harmony with the land, native plants and wildlife—as well as each other.

As our cities become more and more crowded, the value of having this kind of space to spread out, to breathe, to escape the chaos of life and to retreat to a place that allows people to connect with what really matters is of the utmost importance to today’s homebuyers. Looking out your back window to the mountain ranges towering to the west reinforces a sense of place and belonging to it. Feeling safe to let your children explore endless miles of biking and walking paths, to catch frogs by the pond, to walk your dog in the morning and breath in fresh, Rocky Mountain air—these are valuable commodities quickly becoming rarer in today’s evolving, populated world. At Independence Homes, not only are small-town values and a simpler way of life attainable, they are guaranteed for the future as we preserve this land in perpetuity for those lucky enough to call it home.

Independence Homes in Colorado

Here we are fostering a new spirit of the West, where the stories we write for ourselves are told over fire pits and star gazing. Stories that contribute to a legacy redefining what it means to grow up on the Colorado landscape. Instead of squeezing homes onto tiny lots mapped out perfectly on a city grid, backyards here abut open space with neighborhood parks a quick stroll away along a vast interconnected trail system that leads to spacious common areas, grassy lawns, ponds, and overlooks with un-obstructed views of the entire Front Range, from south to north. Living here makes for a richer way of life, where you come to define yourself as much by who you are as what you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

This approach to preservation revolves around a philosophy we call a “New Heritage.” It is a belief that is both forward thinking and nostalgic. Delivering on our buyers’ desire to start new traditions they can share and pass on while creating a sense of communal belonging that transcends time. Because truly loving where you live is about more than what’s inside your four walls, but the satisfaction of being good stewards of a lifestyle and the landscape that fosters it. At Independence Homes, we are creating a legacy for our community and all the residents who will live here.A new heritage defined by connection. To the land. To one another. And to a community built upon guiding principles and the foresight to ensure it will thrive not just today, but far into the future.

Independence Homes is a new Colorado community outside of metro Denver, with homes for sale in 2020. Centrally located near Parker, Elizabeth, Castle Rock, and DTC (Denver Tech Center), with convenient access to DIA, Independence is one of the most convenient new southeast Denver neighborhoods featuring new construction homes from the low $400s. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear updates about this exciting, new housing community.