Tips For Hosting the Perfect Summer BBQ

July 1, 2024

If you’re looking forward to hosting loved ones at your brand-new home, a backyard barbecue is a quintessential way to enjoy the season. Ready to soak up the sun and treat the special people in your life to delicious food and great company? Check out our tips for hosting the perfect summer BBQ: 

Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day 

Even if your backyard offers plenty of shade, you’ll probably want to avoid throwing a party during the hottest part of the day. For a short and sweet lunchtime barbecue, you can aim for a start time around noon. If you prefer a later start to your shindig, consider waiting until the evening (around 6:00 pm). Either way,  your guests will appreciate staying out of the sun’s most intense rays. 

Keep the Menu Simple

One of the best parts about a casual barbecue is that no one expects fanfare. To save yourself some stress, keep the menu simple. Stick to one or two sources of protein and two to three sides. An easy way to combine protein and veggies is to make kabobs! Just slice up your favorite grill-friendly vegetables and layer them on a skewer with some chicken or beef. Grill for a few minutes per side, and you’ve got a dish that everyone will love. Need some inspiration? This tried and true chicken kabob recipe is perfect for summer grilling. 

Offer Plenty of Seating

Of course, we all want our guests to be comfortable, so don’t forget to provide ample seating! Many details go into planning a gathering, and seating is one of the most frequently forgotten must-haves. While preparing the guest list, ensure you have enough chairs to go around. Now is the time to go through the garage and see if you can find those folding chairs you haven’t seen in a while (or ask a friend if they have any you could borrow). 

Cover Food with Netting

On a beautiful sunny day when you’ve cooked a delicious meal, the last thing you want is for flies to crash the party. If you’re serving the food outdoors, stock up on covers to keep unwanted visitors away. These fly nets are practical and convenient for keeping food safe during outdoor events. If you’re planning a gathering that will be both indoors and outdoors, it may be wise to invest in a magnetic screen for the doorway so guests can easily filter in and out without having to close the door. This accessory can come in handy all season long! 

Summer is a beautiful time of year to gather with loved ones and enjoy quality time together. If you’d like to host a barbecue to celebrate the season, we hope these tips are helpful. There’s nothing like hosting your first party in your new home, and we’d love to help you make this dream a reality. Please contact our team if you’d like to learn more about move-in-ready new homes.