What is a PUD?
  • A PUD (Planned Urban Development) is a form of zoning designation that encourages flexibility and innovation in the development of the land. PUD communities typically include a mix of usable open spaces and increased community amenities, including retail, schools, parks, and walkable trails.
  • An application for amending a PUD is required to modify the language or requirements of an existing PUD. Independence has submitted a PUD amendment application to add limited commercial/retail uses, additional homes and open space to a portion of land set aside in the northwest corner of the community.
  • The application also includes additional public improvements for regional traffic and will reduce traffic flows around the first Independence Neighborhood.
Why is the PUD Amendment Needed?
  • This is a natural progression of keeping pace with our growing community – this land and water has always been a part of Independence – and has been carefully evaluated and designed to create more opportunity for families to join our community.
  • The PUD amendment will include land uses that support a walkable community and additional amenities, including neighborhood retail, a school site, more parks, and trail improvements.
  • The Independence Community is equipped to support the water needs of the additional units with the highest level of water recycling in the state of Colorado. We will continue to focus on water conservation, preserving the habitat and what came before, and leaving a smaller footprint for all residents to enjoy more and use less of our natural resources.
  • These new neighborhoods will also bring increased benefits to the entire County, including the ability to make additional road improvements, water conservation measures, and construction employment opportunities for years to come.
How Does the Amendment Benefit Elbert County?
  • Growth is inevitable, and smart growth in Elbert County is crucial. As development pressures increase in Elbert County, it is important to identify the right location for new homes.
  • Independence is uniquely positioned to accommodate growth because of its proximity to commercial and other services, its limited impact on road infrastructure, and its 300-year water supply that has been verified and approved by the state of Colorado.
  • Adding additional neighborhoods and open space (which will not impact existing neighborhoods) will enable major road and traffic improvements for Elbert County, including:
    o Delbert Road (CR 1) connection to CR 158 (Hilltop Road), which will significantly reduce traffic coming into the main entrance of the community on Hancock Way.
    o Repaving of CR 158 (Hilltop Road) from CR1 (Delbert Road) to CR 13.
    o The Delbert connection will also provide emergency vehicles with access to CR 166 (Singing Hills) and Parker going north, reducing response times by one half – a major benefit for all Elbert County residents.
    o This connection will also decrease commute times and traffic for all Elbert County residents by creating a more direct and third route to Denver/I-25.
  • The proposed amendment will also expand the community’s total open space from 42% to 50% by adding additional open space (along with additional homes) in the northwest corner. This contributes an additional 8% of increased access to the outdoors for all residents and neighbors.

Road Improvements

Finding Independence


What are Colorado Metro Districts?

Colorado Metro Districts provide the public with the essential infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the state’s population and corresponding services. They are formed as local governments, i.e., political subdivisions of the state, which make up a third level of government in the United States. Local governments include counties, municipalities (cities and towns), school districts, and other types of government entities. Counties have been able to facilitate growth by allowing and encouraging the development of metro districts to provide this vital infrastructure.

What are the Existing Metro Districts?

In 2018, six districts were approved for the Independence Development:

  • Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 are metropolitan districts for residential development
  • The Overlay District is a metropolitan district that acts in lieu of an HOA and covers the entire community
  • The Independence Water & Sanitation District provides water and sanitary sewer facilities and services to the entire Independence Community
What Changes are Requested?
  • We are requesting approval of an amendment to three existing service plans:
    • Existing Independence Metropolitan Districts 2, 3 and 4
  • The following three new metropolitan districts are proposed:
    • District 5 and District 6, which will be for residential development
    • The Commercial District, which will include only commercial development
  • The Overlay District and the Water & Sanitation District are not amending their service plans
  • District 1 is also not amending its service plan – District 1 has completed its public infrastructure obligations and will not issue any additional bonds


Why are These Changes Requested?
  • Districts do not drive development, they respond to it
  • In this case, the amended and new service plans are needed to accommodate the PUD Amendment that is in process
  • Craft Companies has submitted and is working with the County on the PUD Amendment to permit additional residential units, neighborhood commercial uses and to provide additional community amenities (see PUD Amendment benefits above)


Here at Craft Companies, we have proven that we are dedicated to improving Elbert County and will continue to fulfill our commitments. Here’s what we have contributed and the promises we have fulfilled so far:

Promise: Independence will be the first conservation community in Colorado
  • 400+ acres of dedicated open space that will never be developed
  • Homes designed with the highest levels of efficiency
  • Neighborhood parks located within 1,000 feet of every home
  • Smart streetlights and park lamps maintain safe nighttime lighting while conserving energy and reducing light pollution
Promise: Craft Companies will make significant road improvements
  • Acceleration/deceleration lanes on CR 158 (Hilltop Road)
  • Right of way acquisition for Delbert Road connecting to CR 166 (Singing Hills)
  • Hancock Way / CR 5, ROW Dedication
  • Hilltop Road / CR 158, ROW Dedication
  • Delbert Rd, South Portion, ROW Dedication
  • Delbert Rd, North Portion, Possession of ROW
  • CR 158 Chip Seal Payment — $100,000 Paid
Promise: Independence will offer the highest level of water recycling in Colorado
  • State-of-the-art water reclamation system and two completed operational redundant wells
  • Indoor and outdoor water usage is significantly less than traditional communities, which helps to protect the long-term viability of the aquifer
  • Residents can use recycled water for the irrigation of lawns, trees, shrubs, and other landscaping plants
  • The community’s 300-year water supply that is verified and approved by the state of Colorado has been designed to support the additional proposed homes and retail.