5 Recipes For Every Baker

November 23, 2022

Every community is home to different types of bakers. There are the baking curious, baking enthusiasts, and holiday or special occasions bakers. No matter what type of baker you are, the holiday season is perfect for those who have baked their fair share of pies, tried a recipe or two, or are finding the courage to don an apron and pull out the measuring cups. Tis the season, so let’s get out the rolling pin and bake one of these five must-try recipes!

The Top American Recipe of 2022

The number of recipes out there is staggering, and finding the most popular recipe in 2022 can be daunting. A Google search by York Test revealed that the Magic Cake is the most sought-after American baking recipe in 2022. This French dessert’s magic comes from its unique batter creating three distinct layers as it bakes, eliminating the need for three pans. Like magic, the ingredients bake into a fluffy, sponge top layer, creamy middle layer, and a firm, custard bottom layer. There are many variations of the Magic Cake recipe. This one requires four ingredients and is easy to make, whether you’re a  baking newbie or a top chef.

Most Popular Pandemic Recipe

Changes and trends from the pandemic lockdown still echo through our lives. Stay-at-home or remote work is increasing, staycations are more appealing, and a greater number of people are spending more time in the kitchen. Food & Wine calls out this banana bread recipe  as a top ranking choice during the pandemic. Make this classic that inspired bakers in 2020, whether it’s the Food & Wine version or one with a twist. 

Best Vintage Recipe

Vintage or retro trends circle back around, showing up in fashion, home decor…and baking. For this recipe, we travel back to the 60s for the Tunnel of Fudge Cake, an  era that also gave us tie-dye and ponchos, which are still popular today. You can’t go wrong with a classic. 

New Thanksgiving Dessert 

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s the perfect time to try a new dessert. Save that pumpkin pie for another day and give Spoon University’s new Apple Cinnamon Roll Cake a try. A fresh twist on dessert will add a unique and delicious element to the day if you are cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Combine the fall-like flavors of an apple cinnamon roll with cake, and top it with glaze. It’s sure to be a memorable dessert! 

Healthier Pumpkin Brownies

These flourless brownies combine chocolate with pumpkin to satisfy a craving for sweets without a ton of butter or sugar. Fudgy with the right amount of gooey, bakers watching their waistline or wanting dessert without the guilt can enjoy these mouth-watering brownies all year round. 

Whether you are a patissier or new to the art of baking, there are recipes to match your taste and level of interest. Try your hand at a classic, challenge your skills with a vintage or complex dessert, or find a new favorite. Our warm-hearted Independence Community in Elizabeth is getting ready for this holiday season, and we look forward to welcoming you. Contact us to learn about the homes available in Elbert County.