The Benefits of High-Speed Fiber Internet

September 14, 2021

Did you know that underneath our cities, highways, and neighborhoods lie thousands of strands of fiber-optic cables? What was just the figment of one’s imagination a half-century ago is now in most homes, schools, and businesses. The internet has improved our quality of life in myriad ways, including fostering global connections, saving lives through medical intervention, advancing science, technology, medicine, and so much more.

Even now, with so many working from home as the pandemic stretches on, being able to rely on your internet connection is a must. Here’s what you should know about fiber-optic internet and how your new home in Elizabeth, Colorado, is fully equipped with a high-speed connection.

What is Fiber-Optic Internet?

We often consider fiber-optic as a new kind of technology; however, the use of this type of cable dates back to the 1970s, when it was implemented in telecommunications. Roughly ten years later, fiber optic cables were laid across the ocean to connect the U.S. and Europe. This allowed for information to become more sharable, and thus, fostered expansion, development, and progress.

As fiber-optic became increasingly affordable and the world wide web became a must-have for industry, recreation, and safety, internet service providers that previously used dial-up, DSL, and cable began to replace out-of-date wires with fiber.

Getting Into Your Home

The “last mile” is extremely important when it comes to fiber-optic internet. There are a few different options for getting fiber optic from its last stop into the home or business. For example, fiber optic cables can connect to a network terminal, a street cabinet, or run directly into one’s home.

High Speed Internet at Independence Neighborhood

In addition to numerous amenities, including pocket parks and the future fitness center, pool, and community gardens, Independence provides access to high-speed, fiber-optic internet to every homesite. You can easily work, live, and play all in the same area.

Contact us today to learn more about our thoughtfully planned neighborhood and our new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado.