Colorado Summer Grilling Recipes for Your Next Gathering

July 29, 2022

Nothing screams Colorado summertime quite like delicious eats sizzling on a hot grill. Warm weather is best enjoyed in the company of friends over a tasty meal. Inspire your grill game with these fun takes on traditional flame-fired recipes. 

Shop Sustainably at Local Markets 

Before we dive into our summer grilling recipes, let’s take a look at how we can shop local and support the growers, ranchers, and makers that create our Elizabeth, Colorado, community. Spending money purchasing local produce, grass-fed beef, and pasture-grazed pork lets local farmers know that their community is interested in ethically grown, sustainably raised food.  

Elizabeth Farmers’ Market

Every Friday from June 10 to August 19, the Elizabeth Farmers Market boasts a bounty of fresh veggies, ripe fruits, and other goodies perfect for your grill. Take some time to peruse the stalls and chat with your neighbors who are taking a concerted interest in growing your food. 

Ponderosa Plains Farm

This local farm supplies residents with fresh eggs, sweet jams, and so much more. Get creative with your grilling recipes by incorporating infused olive oils, apricot preserves, and wild honey, created and jarred right down the road at Ponderosa Plains Farm

Now that you’ve got a plan to source fresh, bright ingredients, here are a few of our favorite recipes: 

Surf ‘n Turf Foil Packets

If you’re hosting a big party and want to spend more time mingling than flipping food over the hot grill, these foil packets are easy and no-mess. Marinate shrimp and steak separately, ahead of time, in your favorite chimichurri or teriyaki sauce. Load aluminum foil down with a healthy smattering of each, toss in a few red onion slices and garlic cloves and lay them down on the grate to cook. Get the full recipe here.  

Chicken and Bok Choy Kebabs

Bok choy is in season and your local farmers market should be stocked with bright green springs of this lesser-known vegetable. For a lighter dinner, marinate chicken in a hoisin-soy sauce concoction while preparing bok choy. Slide each onto kebabs in alternating patterns and lay them on the grill. When the chicken is fully cooked, slather some extra sauce on the mixture and sprinkle with sesame seeds for a photo-worthy platter. Here’s the recipe

Grilled Corn on the Cob 

Celebrate Colorado’s famous Olathe sweet corn season by preparing the tender cobbs on the grill. Flame-charring the corn brings out its sweetness and offers a nice crunch. To level up this simplistic dish, drizzle some lime, honey, and cotija cheese over the top of the finished cobs. Learn more about how to perfect grilled corn on the cob here

Chipotle Tofu and Pineapple Skewers

Surprise the vegetarians in your life with this spicy-tangy recipe. Tofu is a great vessel for finger-licking sauces. These juicy skewers are the perfect blend of fun flavors, like zesty chipotle and fresh, sweet pineapple. It takes no time to cook these up, so consider putting these skewers on the grill when everything else is finishing up. 

Grilled Broccoli

Need some green to partner with your beer brats and cheeseburgers? Grilled broccoli has quickly become the way we like to eat this cruciferous vegetable. Find large heads of broccoli at the farmers market and slice them into sizable chunks. Season with worcester and soy before slapping them on the grate to grow tender and char. Once soft, remove and sprinkle them with red pepper flakes and a little parmesan cheese. Here’s the recipe for this tasty side dish! 

Cooking on the grill is a great summertime activity that allows you to play the host and party guest at the same time. What are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to throw a party or gathering in celebration of summertime. At Independence, community is encouraged and celebrated. See what else our beautiful Elizabeth, Colorado, neighborhood is all about – contact us to learn more!