Organizations Near Elizabeth, Colorado that Help People and Animals

September 7, 2023

In a world that can sometimes prioritize profit over people, compassion and giving back can end up falling low on the to-do list. Fortunately, these community-centric organizations are actively doing things differently to better the community, making Elbert County a better place for all. 

Another Sunrise

Another Sunrise is a nonprofit organization just a short drive from the Independence community in Simla, Colorado. It offers evidence-based mental health resources and care to at-risk youth in a residential home environment. Another Sunrise recognized that minority and rural communities lacked mental health care and created an organization that bridges this gap through one-on-one interactions with behavioral professionals.

Colorado has seen an uptick in suicide rates starting in  2015. Another Sunrise seeks to prevent children from becoming a part of this statistic. There are numerous ways to get involved, including through donations and volunteering. Learn more about this group here

The Annie Project

To keep elderly horses out of the horse-to-slaughter pipeline, horse rescues have popped up all along the front range to save equines in Colorado. The Annie Project is one such group offering dude and guest ranches an alternative option for their retiring horses. This non-profit keeps horses out of the auction and provides them with a forever home. In partnership with another local non-profit Drifter’s Hearts of Hope, The Annie Project has saved numerous horses and has educated the local population on the practice of kill auctions. Still, only 15% of horses at auction are won by private buyers and rescues. Get involved here

Elbert County Coalition Outreach

The Elbert County Coalition Outreach is composed of local community service agencies, businesses, and individuals collaborating to identify and resolve needs in the community. Through interagency cooperation, emergency needs are met quickly, and individuals can resume their daily lives. 

ECCO strives to help anyone in crisis and assists low-income residents in numerous ways. Its storefront provides low-cost clothing and home goods, while individual donations can help families move out of devastating situations brought on by personal crises, natural disasters, crime, and more. Local involvement is crucial to the success of ECCO’s programs and projects. Volunteers are always needed! Contact ECCO to learn more. 

Part of what makes the Independence community remarkable is its philanthropic organizations. These locally-owned groups provide valuable resources to us, our neighbors, and our friends. Our small town of Elizabeth is highly invested in its residents – both human and wild. Do you want to put roots down in Elbert County, Colorado? Contact us to learn more.