DIY Home Decor Tips for New Homeowners

March 7, 2023

Decorating your new home can feel overwhelming, but rest assured, we have simple tips to help you hone your aesthetic and create a sanctuary that feels welcoming to all. Experiment with these DIY hacks and your new space will feel like the perfect home!

Feel Out the Space

It’s tempting to want to double down and decorate every nook and cranny of your new home. However, even if you’ve got your design aesthetic dialed and feel confident it won’t change in the coming years, feeling out the space is helpful before decorating with soft furnishings like art, rugs, and trinkets. Prior to selecting these embellishments, draft a desired floor plan for each room. This can help you to determine where you want to situate the larger and “softer” furnishings and minimize the time spent shopping, testing, and returning furniture and home accents.

Begin in the Bedroom

Most of us spend a majority of our time at home in our bedrooms. Make your bedroom a sanctuary: a clutter-free oasis where you can feel grounded and calm as you design the rest of your home. You’ll feel less pressured to rush the process for the rest of your home if your bedroom is completely designed and livable. 

Introduce Your Style From the Start

Set the tone of your home at the front door. Consider bringing in warm and welcoming accents to the entryway, or even decorating the front porch with a bench, modern lighting, and planters you can swap out with other arrangements depending on the season. A visually-intriguing rug can also introduce your design aesthetic from the first impression – be it southwestern, mid-century modern, bohemian, or farmhouse-chic. 

Hang a Mirror in Every Room

Mirrors are a go-to for making a room feel more expansive. Find mirrors that fit the size of each room and hang one in a prominent place so it reflects an opposing wall or window. Mirrors work to bounce light, so if you can’t place one in every room, consider adding at least one to rooms with less natural light, so they will feel airier and more spacious. 

Arrange to Invite Conversation

In any living space with ample seating, consider arranging furniture in a “U” or “H” shape so that your couches “talk” to your chairs. Depending on the size or your living room and your furniture, face individual seats or love seats opposite the couch, instead of framing everything around a television. Pull furniture away from the wall to make the room feel larger and more welcoming. 

Keep It Neutral

Use neutral paint tones on common-area walls so you can change up your decor periodically without having to repaint. Grays, tan earth-tones and other neutrals help inspire more of a flow from room to room, whereas solid, bright colors can create too much of a transition from space to space. 

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