Dream Kitchen: Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

August 12, 2021

With a wide array of small kitchen appliances and novel cooking gadgets on the market, it can feel overwhelming to know what is truly useful and what is just trendy. We’ve done the prep work for you and created this list of must-have tools that will turn your kitchen into a food lab, artist’s studio, or even a fine dining restaurant. Nurture your inner foodie with the following instruments.

Immersion Blender

Countertop blenders have long reigned supreme for smoothie fans, salsa lovers, and homemade soup savants. However, innovative, handheld immersion blenders can accomplish everything a countertop blender can while taking up half the space. Plus, it cleans and stores easily, without having to disassemble and reassemble it each time you want to whip up your grandmother’s pesto recipe.

Indoor Grill

When the George Foreman indoor grill came to market, countertop electric grills were uncommon. While they experienced a surge in popularity years ago, they’ve fallen by the wayside. However, Colorado winter weather often prohibits outdoor grill usage, and we miss burgers, veggie kabobs, and steaks cooked over an open flame during the colder months. The newest indoor grills have perfected the art of cooking meat and veggies, and some even come with multiple functions, including steaming.   

The Bartesian

For cocktail connoisseurs, the Bartesian will quickly become your new best friend. This machine whips up craft cocktails in under a minute with individual pods, similar to a Keurig. Load it with your spirits of choice and invite guests over for a cocktail/mocktail hour they won’t soon forget. Instead of keeping a stocked bar at all times, this cocktail maker can prepare over 40 different drinks.

Popcorn Maker

A stove-top popcorn maker takes movie nights to the next level. Instead of popping a bag into the microwave, go a step further and make your own specialty snacks. Pop some corn and sprinkle with your favorite season salt, dress in compound butter, or drizzle chocolate over top. Making your own popcorn is a healthy alternative to preservative-laden, bagged options lining grocery store shelves. Delight in this tasty treat without the guilt of going in for a second bowl.

Air Fryer

If you’ve been waffling on purchasing this popular, trending item, wait no longer. Air fryers are actually worth the hype and have helped countless people make healthier choices, experiment with new recipes, and level-up their kitchen game. Air fryers blow extremely hot air around items in a convection process, instead of using hot oil to crisp up food. French fries, coconut shrimp, crispy Brussels sprouts, and fried chicken never tasted so good.

While small kitchen appliances seem like a splurge, these five gadgets will make your life easier and more fun. Mix, prep, and serve up delicious, healthier dinners, desserts, breakfasts, and snacks. Connect with neighbors, make new friends, and foster community over tasty food and delectable drinks. It’s about time we come together again!

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