Why You Should Choose New Construction When Downsizing

May 20, 2021

Whether you’re a soon-to-be empty nester or are simply trying to live a more energy-efficient life, some homeowners rank downsizing as a top priority when purchasing a new home. Downsizing often comes with a plethora of benefits, including less space to clean and maintain, in addition to a reduction in energy bills and water consumption. If you’re interested in transitioning to a smaller, more efficient home, new construction may be the way to go. Independence Community offers beautiful new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado, with various models and floor plans to fit every stage of life. If you are considering downsizing, here are a few perks to choosing a brand-new home:

Ability to Customize

When you’re ready to upgrade to a home with contemporary features, new construction often allows you to personalize your property down to the last detail. Our community works with highly acclaimed builders that provide each buyer with a tailored experience. When you start your new build, you’ll have the option to consult with the design team to ensure that your new home is exactly what you envision.

Enviable Community Features

Many households thinking about downsizing may hesitate because a smaller home will lack space for amenities such as a gym or home office. However, many newly built communities have must-have amenities included within the development. Our conservation community boasts multiple community features to enhance our residents’ lives, including a state-of-the-art fitness center within a restored barn and a clubhouse with ample indoor and outdoor space.

Less to Maintain

If you’re ready to downsize, you’re probably looking forward to less space to declutter and clean. Although a smaller space often comes with fewer daily tasks, purchasing an older property may require costly and frustrating maintenance. When you’re hoping to reduce stress while still enjoying the benefits of homeownership, new construction may be your best option. With a new build, you can rest assured that your property is constructed according to the latest specifications. Plus, most new homes are under warranty to provide the buyer with peace of mind.

Unbeatable Efficiency

Although you may be planning to reduce your energy usage just by moving to a smaller space, this isn’t a guarantee in an older home. In reality, downsizing to a property that’s several decades old may even increase your energy bills if renovations haven’t been made recently. For those who would like to reduce their carbon footprint, investing in a new build may be the best course of action. Your new home will come equipped with energy-efficient technology, and combined with a smaller space, this is almost certain to help you cut down on energy consumption. In addition to the reduction in energy usage, you’ll likely minimize your water bill when you opt for new construction. Independence Neighborhood is proud to provide the highest level of water recycling in our state, so you can feel confident that you’re making a difference.

If you’re ready for the peace of mind that often accompanies downsizing, choosing new construction will provide you with even more benefits to enjoy. Our quiet community of new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado may be the perfect fit for those seeking a more tranquil lifestyle. If you’re ready to learn more about our homes and community, please contact our team.