Eco-Conscious Summer Activities

June 3, 2021

On the search for fun ways to spend the summer? If you’re an eco-conscious household, you may prefer to stick with pastimes that are easier on the Earth. When you live in Independence Neighborhood, there’s no shortage of environmentally-friendly activities to enjoy. Our new houses in Elizabeth, Colorado are equipped with the latest energy efficient technology, and the proximity to Denver offers unlimited possibilities for entertainment. Here, we share a few of our favorite outdoor summer pastimes to try this season:

Backyard Camping

When you need a change of scenery but would prefer to stay close to home, camping in the backyard may be the perfect solution. This summer activity is great for families with young children, as they’ll be able to enjoy a new experience while being just steps away from the comfort of home. To make the camping “trip” even more enjoyable, consider grilling camping classics for a memorable dinner.

Start a Garden

Summer projects are an excellent way to encourage family bonding, and starting a garden is one of the most productive (and fun) projects to try. Many of the yards in our community are spacious enough to accommodate raised beds or container gardens. If you’d prefer to preserve every bit of space in your yard, no worries-just head on over to our community garden to test out your green thumb.

Make a Birdhouse

Elbert County is home to many species of birds. Building a birdhouse is a summer activity that will teach valuable skills, such as woodworking and wildlife care, to individuals of all ages. If you’re embarking on this activity as a family, following a tutorial (such as this one) may be a good place to start. Once the birdhouse is assembled and nestled in a tree or on the porch, you can spend the season learning more about its occupants.

Go Cycling

If you’re looking for ways to stay active this summer, cycling is a form of exercise that doubles as entertainment. Whether you stay within the neighborhood or travel to a favorite trail, bicycling will allow your family to make wonderful memories and take in the local sights. At Independence, you’ll never want for well-maintained trails. Our community is home to miles of hike and bike trails so you can enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery without leaving the neighborhood.

If you’re looking forward to quality time with your loved ones this summer, planning ahead will help you make the most of the season. The activities mentioned here are as fun as they are eco-friendly so you can feel confident about reducing your carbon footprint while bonding with your loved ones. Independence Neighborhood offers new houses in Elizabeth, Colorado that are designed with energy efficiency in mind, so it’s easier than ever to reduce your energy consumption. In addition to each home’s green details, our community is located on more than 1,000 sprawling acres and our water recycling program is unparalleled. Ready to learn more about becoming a resident? Contact us today to arrange a showing.