Tips For Preparing Your Garden For Spring

February 10, 2022

Spring is on the horizon, which is a wonderful time of year for gardeners. If you’re looking forward to making the most of the season, the tips we share here will help you set yourself up for success. For those of you who are house hunting, you’ll need to find a home (and community) with enough wide-open spaces to let your green thumb flourish. Our new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado, offer everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors, including generous lot sizes, so you can put these tips to good use.

Take Inventory and Maintain Your Tools

The weeks leading up to spring are perfect for taking inventory of your equipment and giving some TLC to your tools. Since you may need to prune and pull weeds to get your garden in order for the upcoming season, this task will be much easier to accomplish with sharp, clean tools. Take note of what’s in your storage shed, so you can replenish your stock of fertilizer, soil amendments, and seeds.

Utilize Containers

As we head into the warmer seasons, spring in the Rocky Mountain region can be unpredictable. Since large swings in temperature from sunrise to sunset are the norm and we never know when an unexpected cold snap will hit, containers are an easy way to add some flexibility. If this is your first foray into container gardening, consider starting small with just a few small containers. Regardless of what you grow, storing them in containers makes it easy to bring them inside during an unseasonably cold night or a spring-time snow.

As we bid farewell to winter and welcome the warmer days of spring, it’s the ideal time to pause and prepare your garden for the change of seasons. If you’re in the midst of searching for a new place to put down roots, be sure to check out our new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado. The Independence neighborhood is located on more than 1,000 tranquil acres, with 400+ acres of outdoor open space.  Please contact our team to learn more about becoming a resident.