Fall Décor Tips for DIY Enthusiasts

September 28, 2021

There are myriad ways to celebrate the changing of seasons. For DIY enthusiasts, redecorating your home with seasonally themed accessories is a great way to usher out the summer and welcome in the fall. Spruce up your living space with these simple, yet beautiful decorations that are easy to make in just one afternoon.

Autumn Wreath

Since fall kicks off the holiday season and provides ample opportunities for entertaining, decorate your front door so it sends a warm first impression to all who enter. Creating a front-door wreath is an inexpensive way to jazz up the face of your house. Purchase a wreath from any craft store and select your favorite fall-focused items. Take it a step further and invite friends over for a wreath decorating party.

Pumpkin Lanterns

Carved pumpkins are cute and charming but often lose their appeal after Halloween comes to pass. Instead of carving witches and ghosts into the faces of these lovely orange bulbs, create lanterns with a few easy-to-use power tools. Remove the top and empty out the insides, like you would when traditionally carving. Next, drill holes in various spots around the entire pumpkin. Place an artificial or authentic candle inside, and voila, you have a fall-themed lantern lighting the front porch or back deck.

Fall Garland

Like holiday garland, fall garland can cheer up any mantelpiece, staircase banister, or entry-way table. Make your own by fastening pinecones, apples, sunflowers, and twigs to a base of wire and lay upon whatever surface you wish. Get creative with the placement of your autumn garland and decorate the mailbox, outdoor lanterns, porch railing, and more.

Baskets and Bowls

Nothing says autumn quite like baskets placed around the home and filled with a cornucopia of harvest produce. Make a dining room table centerpiece with a gorgeous basket filled with miniature pumpkins and gourds. Fill pretty, golden bowls with apples, pinecones, or colorful dried corn. This is a straightforward and simple way to bring fall into common spaces and create a festive vibe.

Natural Vases

Pumpkins, squashes, and other autumn gourds come in various shapes and sizes. Cut these produce items in half to create natural vases for dried or living flowers of all sorts. Make enough space for a few florist tubes and place marigolds, sunflowers, and Indian paintbrush for a gorgeous, fall-colored arrangement.

Leaf Chandelier

Instead of filling mason jars with lights, place leaves in the clear vessels to create a pretty, fall-focused chandelier. Drill holes through mason jar tops and string a rope through each to hold them in place. If you want a beautiful outdoor lighting feature, fill each jar with battery operated string lights and orange leaves for a beautiful glow.

Decorate your new home in Elizabeth, Colorado, with these pretty fall decorations. Inviting the outside indoors is a wonderful way to enjoy the changing of seasons. Contact us to learn more about our outdoor-focused community at Independence.