The beauty of our views is they will remain.

March 31, 2020

The 1,000+ acre swath of western prairie upon which Independence Homes sits is a truly unique property. Set high above rolling hills, the conservation community overlooks not only the Black Forest to the east but offers striking views to both Pikes and Longs Peaks and the entirety of the Front Range. The visibility stretches so far in all directions, you can actually see storms rolling in from as far north as Fort Collins.

Because so much of the appeal of living here is about embracing the spirit of the west, we felt it was critical to do everything we could to preserve as much of the property’s open space and overlooks as possible. As we began planning the layouts of each neighborhood, we took great care to not only maximize the inspiration found gazing outward from each home, but to preserve as much of the original topography as possible. It’s just another one of the ways we’re working to ensure that what drew us here in the first place remains for generations to come.

We started with the homesites themselves, clustering them to preserve more contiguous open space that will serve as an extension of each home’s backyard. This allows neighbors to feel connected to each other while still enjoying the 420 acres of prairie around them—plenty of room for miles of biking, jogging and hiking trails. Part of the plan mandates that no home will be built within a 200-foot perimeter of major roads or neighboring communities, creating large buffer areas and a considerable band of open space surrounding the entire development for maximum privacy, peace and quiet.  

Lastly, we made the deliberate decision not to develop any homes in the low-lying areas of the property, and mapped out future neighborhoods atop rolling hills in order to preserve the greater viewing corridor, to the benefit of all who call Independence home.

The plan laid out through our home clustering doesn’t just benefit our future residents, though. Our larger conservation philosophy takes to heart the well-being and prosperity of the native species who already live here, too. This is why large sections of the property have been preserved for migration patterns and native herds to graze alongside the neighborhoods within the community, minimizing disruption to native grasslands and wildlife. Our strategic neighborhood layouts also help to reduce the community’s overall water consumption and leaves many natural areas, wetlands, wildlife corridors and animal bedding areas undisturbed. So we can all live harmoniously here with one another.

For more information on our conservation community, please reach out to us directly or explore our website to learn more about our unique residential and community amenities, innovative technology and water reclamation programs, and to see some of the stunning designs of our new homes.