Volunteer Opportunities in Elbert County, Colorado

August 10, 2023

Volunteering is an act of selflessness that fosters positive change within communities (and beyond). Whether supporting local nonprofits, engaging in community service projects, or participating in global initiatives, volunteers play a vital role in building interactive and inclusive communities while also spreading goodwill. Here are some volunteer opportunities in Elbert County to participate in with loved ones: 

Promise Ranch Therapies and Recreation

Parker, Colorado

This therapeutic riding facility has a team of certified PATH I instructors connecting horses and humans for healing purposes. Promise Ranch is on a mission to “enrich our community through connection and inclusion” and works with veterans, families, and people with differing abilities. Learn more about the types of therapies they offer here and see where your skill sets might fit. 

Praying Hands Ranch

Parker, Colorado

As an adaptive riding center, Praying Hands Ranch works with people whose physical abilities may prevent them from traditionally riding horses. Praying Hands Ranch believes that horses have a powerful ability to help people grow mentally, physically, and emotionally, and learn so much about themselves in the process. 

Eagle’s Nest Ranch

Elizabeth, Colorado

Eagle’s Nest Ranch seeks to bring hope and trust into the lives of folks of all ages involved with this 501c3 non-profit. Various interactions with horses, such as riding, grooming, and leading Eagle’s Nest Ranch give people skills to overcome adversity in other areas of their lives – like confidence, leadership, and creative problem-solving. 

American Legion Post 82

Elizabeth, Colorado

In 1919, Congress chartered and incorporated The American Legion as a non-profit committed to connecting veterans and their communities for “mutual helpfulness.” Each Wednesday, Elizabeth’s American Legion Post 82 hosts a Coffee Club that invites residents to meet and chat with local veterans. Additionally, this group also hosts many other unique events, like an “Amateur Radio Club ” and “Burger Burn”. This is a fantastic group to get involved with so our veterans feel supported and loved. 


Elizabeth, Colorado

This nonprofit helps people with adaptive needs develop positive physical, emotional, or social behavior by fostering connections with horses. StableStrides believes equine therapy is part of a holistic approach to healing and can create thriving individuals who become crucial parts of thriving communities. To date, this organization has helped almost 800 people through equine-related therapy activities, including riding. Volunteers are always needed at StableStrides regardless of horse experience or knowledge. Learn more here.  

Pikes Peak Range Riders Foundation

Elbert, Colorado

Established in 1999, this nonprofit works with Elbert County’s youth to instill solid foundations rooted in agriculture and equine experiences. By teaching the “Cowboy Way”, the nonprofit invites young people to develop leadership skills and gain confidence both in and out of the saddle. Latigo, the 45-acre equestrian center, hosts this foundation and its myriad activities. Throughout the year, the Pikes Peak Range Riders Foundation hosts golf tournaments, roping competitions, and more. For those interested in volunteering, contact this organization to learn more. 

Cartwright Foundation for Care 

Elizabeth, Colorado

This animal-oriented nonprofit helps pet owners pay for unforeseen medical expenses (necessary for their pet to stay alive). In addition to financial services, The Cartwright Foundation a.k.a. “Ginger’s Legacy”, works with pet parents to explain, teach, and manage their pet’s treatment and post-treatment care. Discover how you can get involved with this impactful organization. 

Pines & Plains Libraries

Elizabeth, Colorado

Become a “friend of the library” and use your time, skills, and knowledge to promote and support libraries in our area. Those who volunteer their time as “friends of the library” will help raise money, book sales events, community service, and general public relations activities that help expand the library’s reach. You can never have too many friends! Learn more here.

Elizabeth Area Chamber of Commerce 

Elizabeth, Colorado

Our town’s Chamber of Commerce provides valuable services to the members of our community. Businesses in Elizabeth come together to support one another and ensure that our community remains vibrant and continues to grow. The Chamber assists these businesses in many ways and relies on local volunteers to host events, conduct outreach, and more. Check out Chamber volunteer opportunities here

Part of what makes Elbert County so wonderful is its engaged residents; investing time in the community is a tangible way to better this place we call home. Our small town of Elizabeth is highly invested and cares tremendously about the health and well-being of its neighbors, businesses, and nonprofits. Do you want to put roots down in our Elizabeth, Colorado’s Independence community? Contact us to learn more.