What You Need to Know About Clearing Snow in the Community

December 27, 2023

Colorado’s snowiest season is upon us! If you’re new to the neighborhood or have questions about clearing the roads, we have answers for you. The Overlay District and Elbert County will be working together this year to keep our neighborhood safe and accessible, and we also need your help to keep the roads clear for snow plowing!. Here’s what you need to know about the procedures for clearing snow this winter: 

Elbert County Will Clear Certain Roads

To best serve our residents, Elbert County has accepted a limited number of roads for clearing. The county will be taking care of the following streets this year:

Hancock Parkway

Williams Loop

Hart Avenue/Hart Circle

East Witherspoon Drive

The Overlay District is Contracting With a Snow Removal Firm 

For the remaining streets within Independence, the Overlay District is contracting with a snow removal firm. This firm will also be responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalk along Hancock Parkway and the mail stations. 

What To Do When It’s Snowing

In addition to the snow removal services we bring to Independence, we need your help to ensure it’s a smooth and effective process with access to everyone. When it’s snowing or snow is anticipated, please do not park on the street. The snow plows are large and need room to operate, and will not enter streets with parked vehicles. 

Let’s work together to create a community that’s safe and accessible for all residents! If you have questions regarding snow removal procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact us.