Why You Should Choose A Conservation Community

November 12, 2020

If you’re ready to make one of the largest purchasing decisions and invest in a new home, have you considered a sustainably built, new home nestled among acres of open space with views for miles? Thoughtfully designed homes with easy access to green space are difficult to find. Our Independence conservation community offers the rare opportunity to enjoy modern living with a small-town feel in the Denver metropolitan area. Here, we share more about our new community in Elizabeth, CO, and discuss our commitment to green living and conservation and why it matters.

Accessibility to Nature

We believe that each of our residents deserve easy accessibility to nature’s beauty. On our 1,000+-acre community, we’ve allocated more than 400 acres for biking and walking paths, and neighborhood parks are within 1,000 feet of every home. Details like these allow our residents to immerse themselves in nature, right outside their front door.

Strategic Planning

Instead of disrupting the land to fit our plans, we work with the natural topography, so each home exists in harmony with nature. In addition to preserving beautiful green space, avoiding unnecessary alterations to the land saves money and allows buyers to get the best possible value.

For those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city, purchasing a home in a quiet conservation community may be a perfect fit. With an abundance of open space and new houses constructed with sustainability in mind, the Independence Neighborhood offers everything you need for the lifestyle of your dreams in a peaceful setting. As an extra perk, our Elizabeth, Colorado community is less than an hour drive from Denver so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Reduction of Water Usage

In our community, we demonstrate our commitment to conservation through more than just preservation of open space. In an effort to combat water wastage, we’ve implemented a state-of-the-art water conservation program that boasts the highest level of water recycling in our state. This water recycling program reduces water usage in each home by approximately 50%.

Protection of Wildlife

As a conservation community, we strive to protect wildlife and leave a minimal carbon footprint. That’s why we’ve preserved key wildlife corridors and vegetation to avoid disrupting the ecosystem. We’ve also restored existing wetland habitats within our community, so you can rest assured that local wildlife still has a safe place to live.

To learn more about availability, please contact our team to start the process of finding your dream home.