2022 Furniture and Decor Trends to Inspire a Home Makeover

August 10, 2022

When it comes to furniture and decor trends, the only constant is change. We try to accept that floral-patterned wallpaper has been sent out to pasture and we begrudgingly move on from futons. 

But this circle of style means there’s always something new and exciting coming over the horizon, giving us a chance to reinvent living rooms and kitchens all over again.

This year, there are all sorts of trends to update your home, including the following:

Bright and Bold Colors

The colors of walls, appliances, and furniture have always been audacious; even avocado green firmly holds a place in 1970s style. But the most modern trend ditches the dull for the bold: think bigger and brighter. Whether you’re opting for a cheery orange accent wall, a sunny yellow rec room, or an uplifting but more muted light blue bedroom, color has a way of affecting moods and emotions. A brightly-colored room can leave you energized, whereas a softened room is better for reflection, mindfulness, meditation, and rest. 

Outdoor Space Meets Indoor Ambiance 

If quarantining taught us anything, it’s that a backyard or front yard can serve as a happy place when the usual happy place is closed for business. In the latter part of 2022, expect to see trends that embrace the importance of a deck or a rose garden. You can forget the cheap patio furniture of yore; elements on your porch are about to get posh! Think lively, chic, vibrant, and adaptable. 

Rugs Running Rampant

Rugs aren’t something most people consider all that often, but it’s time we roll out the red carpet for them. Designated the “Year of the Rug” by Homes & Gardens, 2022 is the year for runners, throws, and floor mats to take center stage. Rugs offer the dual-advantage of practicality and comfort, so be sure to give this design option ample consideration. They will also leave your home warmer and brighter, while protecting hardwood floors from scratches and damage. If you have dogs, they will also protect your eardrums from the echoing noise of barking (because someone has to warn you about that dangerous delivery person). 

Nature Nurtured

Expect this year to be one where homeowners bring the outdoors in, embracing natural decor and anything that connects with Mother Earth. Marble, stoneware, and terracotta are making a big splash (in the form of a backsplash, possibly). Knick-knacks and conversation pieces will honor nature, as well, through down-to-earth decorations.

Curves Ahead

According to Better Homes and Gardens, curved furniture is one of the top design trends to look for in 2022. That’s right: rounded corners are just around the corner! They’ll be joined by arched shapes and blended edges. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be able to find something exemplifying this trend. While straight-edged furniture can be harsh on the eyes and the atmosphere, soft edges and round corners have the opposite effect.

The 2022 interior design trends focus on turning your house into a place of warmth, cheer, and solace, which makes perfect sense after two years of pandemic related worry. After all, when comfort is key, your home sweet home gets a little bit sweeter.  

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