Camping Destinations Around Elbert County, Colorado

July 6, 2023

Summertime in Colorado invites residents to get outside and explore the vast and varied landscapes that make our state so special. For Independence community residents, ideal campsites and secluded spots are less than a two-hour drive away.  Here are some off the beaten path destinations to pitch your tent, get your glamp on, or take the RV out for a warm-up lap. 

Treehouse Magic 

As its name implies, this gorgeous treehouse in Elizabeth, Colorado (roughly 10 miles from Independence) is equal parts comfortable and magical. Nestled high in a Ponderosa Pine, Treehouse Magic invites nature lovers to get some shut-eye in the comforting branches of a tree, take in sweeping views of the rolling hills, and spy snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. 

Mount Herman Road Dispersed Camping  

Approximately 40 miles from Independence, this family-friendly dispersed camping area spans a wide area of varied terrain. Rocky outcroppings peak out of tall, thick pine forests creating plenty of great spots to set up your tent for a night or two. Recreating in the Pike and San Isabel National Forests is fun for adventurers of all ages. Bring a sturdy pair of hiking boots and set out to explore this gorgeous landscape. Keep an eye out for elk, mule deer, and more wildlife. 

Funk Road Camping 

Pitch your tent or park your van, trailer, or RV on this picturesque patch of soil about 50 miles away from Independence. Just seven miles away from the Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Funk Road Camping treats guests to unobstructed panoramic views and quiet solitude underneath a blanket of stars. Spend a weekend biking around Colorado’s rolling prairies or hanging outside in your favorite camp chair. 

Rampart Reserve

Roughly 70 miles from Independence, a host of furry friends sets this campground apart from the rest. Stay with a friendly herd of Alpacas in comfortable accommodations away from the frenzy of city life. Backing up to Pike’s National Forest, Rampart Reserve’s idyllic location offers ample opportunities for hiking enthusiasts to make the most out of their stay by exploring miles of trails. 

Lone Duck Campground 

This family-owned and operated campground has a little something for everyone. From tent sites to RV hook-ups, regardless of your rig, Lone Duck Campground (about 70 miles from Independence)  is ready to host. Nestled just outside of Colorado Springs at the base of the Rockies, this spot offers quick access for campers interested in hiking, climbing, running, or rafting. For a last-minute getaway to the mountains, check out this convenient campground. 

Life in Elizabeth, Colorado treats residents to the best of both worlds: the gentle rolling grasslands east of Denver allow a quiet reprieve from the city, while the Rocky Mountains only a short drive to the west guarantee adventure. Independence community strives to create a harmonious balance between people and the natural environment, incorporating ample open space and trails throughout the neighborhood. Contact us today to learn more.