Interested in Outdoor Cooking? Try These Spring and Summer Recipes!

April 20, 2023

Camping season is almost upon us, which means miles of hiking trails, restful nights under a blanket of stars, and outdoor cooking adventures await! Nothing tastes as good as a meal cooked over a campfire with friends and loved ones, especially after a long day in the great outdoors. Here are a few of our favorite meals to enjoy during your next camping trip. 

Campfire Skillet

A campfire skillet scramble can play to your strengths as a chef, and the versatility of a skillet meal can play to most dietary preferences. The best part of this recipe is how inclusive it is of all the ingredients you’d think to pack on a camping trip. Try making this classic recipe if a red potato and bacon scramble sounds tasty, or this one for a maple sausage and sweet potato scramble. Make it easy on yourself while camping by precooking any meats, peppers, or potatoes ahead of time. Crack some farm fresh eggs over top, and voila, you’ll have a hearty, healthy breakfast to get your day started!

Blueberry Cobbler 

For hungry campers with a sweet tooth, how about whipping up an easy blueberry cobbler? Fresh or canned berries work great for this camping indulgence. Fortunately, the rest of the ingredients are easily packable and nonperishable. Plenty of campfire blueberry cobbler variations exist, so you can easily search for the perfect recipe to fit your needs. We like this pre-made biscuit recipe, or try this recipe, which includes vanilla wafers and marshmallows. Serve over a slice of angel food cake with ice cream (if you’re car camping and can swing this luxury), or right out of the pan. It’s that good. 

Knock-Off Pad Thai 

Instead of a complex authentic Pad Thai dish, this simpler version incorporates a few less, but still delicious, ingredients. This recipe uses tofu and a sauce made from just four simple ingredients. Make it easy on yourself by preparing the sauce ahead of time. We also suggest cutting a few corners by trying this dish, which levels up the protein with peanut butter. To add a pop of color and a little crunch, chop up fresh cilantro and peanuts to sprinkle over the top of each bowl before serving your hungry fellow campers. 

Southwestern Gnocchi 

Unlike other pastas, gnocchi doesn’t take nearly as long to cook, which means you’ll use less fuel and water. Just pop these doughy potato pillows into a pot of boiling water and wait until they float. This recipe instructs campers to toss the gnocchi into pre-prepared foil packets complete with cheese, corn, and tomatoes that are then heated over the campfire. For Italian style pasta, pesto and sundried tomatoes are the way to go. Want to skip the waste and hassle of a foil packet? Simply toss cooked gnocchi into your skillet to crisp up while adding ingredients from whichever recipe you choose. 

Beer Brats & Peppers 

Nothing is simpler than this classic campfire recipe. Cut peppers and onions before hitting the trail and freeze brats to extend their shelf-life. Heat up a skillet over the campfire or a pan over your camp stove and brown up pre-cooked brats while the peppers and onions caramelize  – no recipe needed. Serve on a bun with spicy mustard. 

Cinnamon Apple Pie

Apple-based recipes are always a hit because they deliver a boost of freshness that is much needed after days spent on trail or in the backcountry. Plus, apples are easy to pack and stay fresh longer than most fruits. There are numerous apple pie recipes that incorporate the classic ingredients, but this one may be the best bang for your buck. If you’re car camping or celebrating a special occasion with a night under the stars, level up your apple pie dessert with this dutch oven recipe.  

Your campsite comrades will thank you for whipping up any of these delicious and impressive dinners or desserts. Folks back at home will appreciate these treats, as well!  

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