Tips for Summerizing Your Colorado Home

July 12, 2022

With the warmest season in swing for its three-month stay, summerizing your Colorado home is vital to comfort and staying cool in high temps. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean installing an above-ground pool in your backyard. 

It’s easy to get ready for summer with a few simple steps, starting with the following:

Screen Your Screens

From wasps to moths to mosquitos, Colorado is no stranger to summer invasions. Insects get into your home through open doors, as well as open windows with tattered screens. Before the season gets into full swing, assess your window screens for any damage. Bugs don’t just bug you; they also bite, sting, cause disease, and irritate the skin.

Splurge on Shade

The UV index, which measures the level of UV radiation, is quite elevated in Colorado during the summer months. While fall and winter can introduce low-to-moderate levels, June, July, and August have ratings that teeter between high and extremely high, making it easy to sustain a sunburn in 20 minutes or less. Sunscreen and layers offer protection, but so does shade to some extent. An umbrella and other types of shelter provide this reprieve without the inconvenience of constant SPF reapplication.

Clear Out the Gutters

Clearing out the gutters is a chore that’s easy to overlook. After all, clogged gutters aren’t a problem until they stop working. A gutter filled with dead leaves and other debris will plug eventually, resulting in standing water that overflows and a mess of decomposing foliage. If you’re not comfortable with ladders, there’s no need to conquer your fear; there are companies willing to clear your gutters for you. 

Give the AC Some TLC

The high in Denver in July and August, the apex of summer, hovers just under 90 degrees and tends to stay high until the sun goes down. In other words, it gets toasty! Making sure your AC is in working order helps you, your family, and your pets stay comfortable. The easiest way to do this is to hire an HVAC company once a year for routine maintenance (even when the AC is working fine). Regular maintenance stops problems before they can start. 

Redo the Decor

By now, your holiday decorations are probably safely stored somewhere in your basement or attic, but you may still have some winter decor and necessities front and center. Consider swapping out dark-colored pillows, blankets, and comforters for lighter, softer hues. Put away pumpkin-scented and clove-scented candles and get out those with lemon, mint, or grapefruit aromas. Finally, consider removing heavy drapes and curtains and hang thinner options, instead. 

Summer in Colorado is when the sun has its moment to truly shine…and staying cool and comfortable requires just a little proactivity. We hope these tips have been helpful!

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