When it comes to furniture and decor trends, the only constant is change. We try to accept that floral-patterned wallpaper has been sent out to pasture and we begrudgingly move on from futons. 

But this circle of style means there’s always something new and exciting coming over the horizon, giving us a chance to reinvent living rooms and kitchens all over again.

This year, there are all sorts of trends to update your home, including the following:

Bright and Bold Colors

The colors of walls, appliances, and furniture have always been audacious; even avocado green firmly holds a place in 1970s style. But the most modern trend ditches the dull for the bold: think bigger and brighter. Whether you’re opting for a cheery orange accent wall, a sunny yellow rec room, or an uplifting but more muted light blue bedroom, color has a way of affecting moods and emotions. A brightly-colored room can leave you energized, whereas a softened room is better for reflection, mindfulness, meditation, and rest. 

Outdoor Space Meets Indoor Ambiance 

If quarantining taught us anything, it’s that a backyard or front yard can serve as a happy place when the usual happy place is closed for business. In the latter part of 2022, expect to see trends that embrace the importance of a deck or a rose garden. You can forget the cheap patio furniture of yore; elements on your porch are about to get posh! Think lively, chic, vibrant, and adaptable. 

Rugs Running Rampant

Rugs aren’t something most people consider all that often, but it’s time we roll out the red carpet for them. Designated the “Year of the Rug” by Homes & Gardens, 2022 is the year for runners, throws, and floor mats to take center stage. Rugs offer the dual-advantage of practicality and comfort, so be sure to give this design option ample consideration. They will also leave your home warmer and brighter, while protecting hardwood floors from scratches and damage. If you have dogs, they will also protect your eardrums from the echoing noise of barking (because someone has to warn you about that dangerous delivery person). 

Nature Nurtured

Expect this year to be one where homeowners bring the outdoors in, embracing natural decor and anything that connects with Mother Earth. Marble, stoneware, and terracotta are making a big splash (in the form of a backsplash, possibly). Knick-knacks and conversation pieces will honor nature, as well, through down-to-earth decorations.

Curves Ahead

According to Better Homes and Gardens, curved furniture is one of the top design trends to look for in 2022. That’s right: rounded corners are just around the corner! They’ll be joined by arched shapes and blended edges. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be able to find something exemplifying this trend. While straight-edged furniture can be harsh on the eyes and the atmosphere, soft edges and round corners have the opposite effect.

The 2022 interior design trends focus on turning your house into a place of warmth, cheer, and solace, which makes perfect sense after two years of pandemic related worry. After all, when comfort is key, your home sweet home gets a little bit sweeter.  

Independence in Elizabeth, Colorado, offers beautiful new homes with views for miles. Contact us to learn more about what we have available.

Colorado is home to dozens of butterfly species (not to mention what seems like a billion moths). These colorful, large-winged insects are important pollinators and vital to the eco-cycle, making butterfly-friendly gardening a simple and effective way to contribute to sustainability. 

Of course, not all gardens are created equal when it comes to biodiversity and plain ol’ bug grub. Some gardens act as a local watering hole for frequent neighborhood fliers while others fail to entice the right type of insect. 

To gear your garden to monarchs, painted ladies, checkered skippers, and the rest, try the following tips:

Plant Native Foliage 

Just as people enjoy their favorite regional food, so do butterflies. Both butterflies and caterpillars prefer feasting on native plants, as these plants best provide them with the nectar they need. Caterpillars are the ultimate picky eaters, so having the right host plants in your garden ensures they can grow up and be their best selves.

In Colorado, native plants include orange milkweed, arrowleaf balsamroot, chokecherry, golden currant, serviceberry,, common gaillardia, aspen fleabane, and rabbitbrush. Different butterflies have different palates, so plant according to whatever species you’re hoping to attract. 

Check Your Colors and Your Bloom Times

Bright colors don’t just liven up your garden; they attract insects, as well. Butterflies are especially attracted to flowers that are red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. They also like foliage with large and flat petals or short and tubular flowers. 

Butterflies need consistent nectar, which makes the bloom time of your plants important. Vary your garden so that it includes flowers that peak at different rates. That way, there’s always something on the menu. 

Avoid Insecticides

It’s no surprise that insecticides are bad for butterflies (and you too, for that matter). These poisons are formulated to repel, hurt, or kill certain insect species, damaging their nervous systems or exoskeletons. Using insecticides on your flowers, or anywhere in your yard, poses a threat to our flitting-winged friends. Even some insecticides that are butterfly-friendly can be deadly to caterpillars, damaging the butterfly population before it can begin. 

Provide a Landing Pad

Some butterflies can fly up to 100 miles a day…that’s a lot of cardio! With so much movement, butterflies need a place to rest. Sun-lit flat stones or level rocks can make wonderful landing spots for butterflies to relax and warm their wings, elements that are essential to a safe flight.

Use the Sun

Full-sun plants need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight to reach their blooming potential and produce enough nectar for an all-you-can-eat butterfly buffet. Therefore, be sure to plant your flowers accordingly and locate areas in your yard prone to plenty of sunshine. Butterflies aren’t likely to be regulars in a shade garden.

A butterfly-friendly garden doesn’t just increase the visual appeal of your backyard, it gives you a chance to play an important role in preserving mother nature, as well. Follow these tips, as well as this guide written by Amy Yarger at the Butterfly Pavilion to make your garden the go-to place to get nourished through nectar. Backyard butterfly gardens are a key part of a ground-breaking sustainability initiative – Independence is working with Butterfly Pavilion to become a Pollinator District, a connected community conserving habitat for butterflies and other pollinators. 

Independence in Elizabeth, Colorado, offers beautiful new homes on acres of open space. With a focus on sustainability and purposeful amenities, it strives to introduce a one-of-a-kind way of life to this generation and beyond. 

Photo: Plebejus melissa on Verbena hastata, courtesy of Amy Yarger

Spring is on the horizon, which is a wonderful time of year for gardeners. If you’re looking forward to making the most of the season, the tips we share here will help you set yourself up for success. For those of you who are house hunting, you’ll need to find a home (and community) with enough wide-open spaces to let your green thumb flourish. Our new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado, offer everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors, including generous lot sizes, so you can put these tips to good use.

Take Inventory and Maintain Your Tools

The weeks leading up to spring are perfect for taking inventory of your equipment and giving some TLC to your tools. Since you may need to prune and pull weeds to get your garden in order for the upcoming season, this task will be much easier to accomplish with sharp, clean tools. Take note of what’s in your storage shed, so you can replenish your stock of fertilizer, soil amendments, and seeds.

Utilize Containers

As we head into the warmer seasons, spring in the Rocky Mountain region can be unpredictable. Since large swings in temperature from sunrise to sunset are the norm and we never know when an unexpected cold snap will hit, containers are an easy way to add some flexibility. If this is your first foray into container gardening, consider starting small with just a few small containers. Regardless of what you grow, storing them in containers makes it easy to bring them inside during an unseasonably cold night or a spring-time snow.

As we bid farewell to winter and welcome the warmer days of spring, it’s the ideal time to pause and prepare your garden for the change of seasons. If you’re in the midst of searching for a new place to put down roots, be sure to check out our new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado. The Independence neighborhood is located on more than 1,000 tranquil acres, with 400+ acres of outdoor open space.  Please contact our team to learn more about becoming a resident.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you may be on the search for ways to share a special day with your loved one. Whether you’re celebrating with a significant other, a friend, or just indulging in self-care, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for enjoying some much-needed connection. In need of some inspiration? When you become the owner of one of the stunning new homes in the Independence neighborhood, you’ll have access to plenty of ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day right here at home, including the following:

Take a Nature Walk

When you live in Elbert County, there are ample opportunities for immersing yourself in nature and taking advantage of the views. If you’d like to stay close to home, hit the trails at Independence (and bring a picnic to share at one the idyllic parks throughout the neighborhood). Our neighborhood offers over 400 acres of open space, and there are several areas that overlook fantastic displays of natural beauty.

Order Takeout From Local Restaurants

If you’re not feeling up to dining out, you can still share a delicious meal (and get to know your new neighborhood) by sampling an assortment of takeout options from local restaurants. There are several options near Elizabeth, Colorado that you and your sweetheart can enjoy, including the charming South 40 Bar and Grill and El Abuelo Family Restaurant.

DIY Spa Day

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to catch up on some much-needed R&R. Setting up an at-home spa experience is a gesture that’s sure to be appreciated, and may even become a new ritual when it’s time to de-stress. Not sure where to start? Aromatherapy candles, soothing music, a bubble bath, and your loved one’s favorite beverage will turn your home into an instantaneous spa!

Mixology Night

Whether you’re preparing an elaborate meal at home or simply looking for a fun activity to incorporate into the festivities, a mixology session is the perfect capstone for the day. You can go the DIY route with themed recipes such as Love Potion #9 and the Sweetheart Cocktail, or take a more structured route by signing up for an online class.

To make this Valentine’s Day special, try incorporating one or two of the ideas mentioned here. If you’d like to make your loved one’s dreams of homeownership come true this year, get in touch with our team about the new homes at Independence. Our brand-new conservation community has everything you need to live the sweet life, from modern, eco-friendly homes to incredible amenities. Interested in learning more about floor plans and availability? Please contact us. We’d love to learn more about what you’re looking for so we can connect you with your dream home!

With a wide array of small kitchen appliances and novel cooking gadgets on the market, it can feel overwhelming to know what is truly useful and what is just trendy. We’ve done the prep work for you and created this list of must-have tools that will turn your kitchen into a food lab, artist’s studio, or even a fine dining restaurant. Nurture your inner foodie with the following instruments.

Immersion Blender

Countertop blenders have long reigned supreme for smoothie fans, salsa lovers, and homemade soup savants. However, innovative, handheld immersion blenders can accomplish everything a countertop blender can while taking up half the space. Plus, it cleans and stores easily, without having to disassemble and reassemble it each time you want to whip up your grandmother’s pesto recipe.

Indoor Grill

When the George Foreman indoor grill came to market, countertop electric grills were uncommon. While they experienced a surge in popularity years ago, they’ve fallen by the wayside. However, Colorado winter weather often prohibits outdoor grill usage, and we miss burgers, veggie kabobs, and steaks cooked over an open flame during the colder months. The newest indoor grills have perfected the art of cooking meat and veggies, and some even come with multiple functions, including steaming.   

The Bartesian

For cocktail connoisseurs, the Bartesian will quickly become your new best friend. This machine whips up craft cocktails in under a minute with individual pods, similar to a Keurig. Load it with your spirits of choice and invite guests over for a cocktail/mocktail hour they won’t soon forget. Instead of keeping a stocked bar at all times, this cocktail maker can prepare over 40 different drinks.

Popcorn Maker

A stove-top popcorn maker takes movie nights to the next level. Instead of popping a bag into the microwave, go a step further and make your own specialty snacks. Pop some corn and sprinkle with your favorite season salt, dress in compound butter, or drizzle chocolate over top. Making your own popcorn is a healthy alternative to preservative-laden, bagged options lining grocery store shelves. Delight in this tasty treat without the guilt of going in for a second bowl.

Air Fryer

If you’ve been waffling on purchasing this popular, trending item, wait no longer. Air fryers are actually worth the hype and have helped countless people make healthier choices, experiment with new recipes, and level-up their kitchen game. Air fryers blow extremely hot air around items in a convection process, instead of using hot oil to crisp up food. French fries, coconut shrimp, crispy Brussels sprouts, and fried chicken never tasted so good.

While small kitchen appliances seem like a splurge, these five gadgets will make your life easier and more fun. Mix, prep, and serve up delicious, healthier dinners, desserts, breakfasts, and snacks. Connect with neighbors, make new friends, and foster community over tasty food and delectable drinks. It’s about time we come together again!

Independence Neighborhood’s new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado are spacious, modern, and eco-conscious. Our kitchens feature open floor plans and modern appliances that make this room the space where everyone will want to gather. Our planned neighborhood fosters healthy community engagement and sustainable development where residents live in harmony with nature, their homes, and each other. Contact us today to learn more about our spacious and innovative new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be empty nester or are simply trying to live a more energy-efficient life, some homeowners rank downsizing as a top priority when purchasing a new home. Downsizing often comes with a plethora of benefits, including less space to clean and maintain, in addition to a reduction in energy bills and water consumption. If you’re interested in transitioning to a smaller, more efficient home, new construction may be the way to go. Independence Community offers beautiful new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado, with various models and floor plans to fit every stage of life. If you are considering downsizing, here are a few perks to choosing a brand-new home:

Ability to Customize

When you’re ready to upgrade to a home with contemporary features, new construction often allows you to personalize your property down to the last detail. Our community works with highly acclaimed builders that provide each buyer with a tailored experience. When you start your new build, you’ll have the option to consult with the design team to ensure that your new home is exactly what you envision.

Enviable Community Features

Many households thinking about downsizing may hesitate because a smaller home will lack space for amenities such as a gym or home office. However, many newly built communities have must-have amenities included within the development. Our conservation community boasts multiple community features to enhance our residents’ lives, including a state-of-the-art fitness center within a restored barn and a clubhouse with ample indoor and outdoor space.

Less to Maintain

If you’re ready to downsize, you’re probably looking forward to less space to declutter and clean. Although a smaller space often comes with fewer daily tasks, purchasing an older property may require costly and frustrating maintenance. When you’re hoping to reduce stress while still enjoying the benefits of homeownership, new construction may be your best option. With a new build, you can rest assured that your property is constructed according to the latest specifications. Plus, most new homes are under warranty to provide the buyer with peace of mind.

Unbeatable Efficiency

Although you may be planning to reduce your energy usage just by moving to a smaller space, this isn’t a guarantee in an older home. In reality, downsizing to a property that’s several decades old may even increase your energy bills if renovations haven’t been made recently. For those who would like to reduce their carbon footprint, investing in a new build may be the best course of action. Your new home will come equipped with energy-efficient technology, and combined with a smaller space, this is almost certain to help you cut down on energy consumption. In addition to the reduction in energy usage, you’ll likely minimize your water bill when you opt for new construction. Independence Neighborhood is proud to provide the highest level of water recycling in our state, so you can feel confident that you’re making a difference.

If you’re ready for the peace of mind that often accompanies downsizing, choosing new construction will provide you with even more benefits to enjoy. Our quiet community of new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado may be the perfect fit for those seeking a more tranquil lifestyle. If you’re ready to learn more about our homes and community, please contact our team.

If you’re ready to become a Colorado homeowner, you may want to consider exploring the possibility of new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado. Just 40 miles southeast of Denver, each of our brand-new homes in the Independence Neighborhood is expertly crafted and nestled among the gently rolling acres of a repurposed working ranch. Offering 400+ acres of open space, our conservation community offers views for miles and room to spread out where residents can enjoy peaceful outdoor pastimes, such as stargazing. When it comes to following the night sky, there are several incredible 2021 planetary events that you won’t want to miss!

March 9-10

On March 9-10, stargazers will behold a cosmic huddle that’s visible from nearly every corner of the globe. Be on the lookout for a quadruple formation in the southeastern morning sky on these dates, and you may see Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in alignment. The appearance of the crescent moon will complete the quadruple formation, and all should be visible with or without binoculars.

May 26

May 26 will bring about the rare occurrence of a blood moon and total lunar eclipse. This incredible occurrence only happens when the sun, moon, and Earth are aligned in a way that allows the Earth’s shadow to cover the moon’s face. As the Earth moves to block the moon, the sun’s light is refracted off Earth’s atmosphere and appears to turn the moon red. Quite a sight to be seen!

July 12

Just after sunset, Venus and Mars will perfectly align to appear like they’re touching in the sky. The super-bright planetary alignment will be framed by the crescent moon, making for a stunning photo op. If you have a telescope, you’ll see both planets through the lens.

October 8

On October 8, you may have the opportunity to enjoy the light show of the Draconid meteor shower. The Draconids are a flurry of meteors that should be visible in the northwest skies just after nightfall. This spectacular meteor shower is expected to dazzle stargazers with 10 to 15 shooting stars per hour. The Draconids get their name from Draco, the dragon constellation.

November 19

A partial lunar eclipse will be visible from North America on November 19, 2021. Although it’s considered a partial eclipse, the Earth’s shadow will cover 95% of the moon’s surface. During the maximum phase of this partial eclipse, the lunar disk may be tinted orange or red.

2021 is sure to be an exciting year for night sky-watchers, as the cosmic events mentioned here are just a handful of what’s on the calendar. If you’re dreaming of experiencing these breathtaking planetary events from the comfort of your back yard or front porch, Independence Neighborhood is the perfect place to call home. Our new homes in Elizabeth, Colorado are thoughtfully designed with modern details, unparalleled access to green space and views for miles and miles of the night skies. To learn more about availability, please contact our team.

It’s no secret that local businesses play a crucial role in the overall economic health of any community. So, as we kick-off 2021 in Elbert County, it’s more important than ever to support local businesses in order to help them continue to thrive. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or a specific service or product, here are a few local small businesses near Elizabeth’s brand-new Independence Community that we encourage supporting.

Powder River Hat Company

Located on Main Street in downtown Elizabeth, Powder River Hat Company celebrates tradition and excellence with every hand-crafted hat that hits the shelves. Founder Brook Briddle has over two decades of hat-making experience, and proudly custom-makes each hat with the highest quality materials for each Powder River customer.

Elizabeth Floral

From weddings to holiday celebrations, Elizabeth Floral is committed to making any occasion extra special with beautiful arrangements and floral design. If you are still looking for the perfect surprise for a loved one, Elizabeth Floral also offers a variety of gifts and gourmet fruit baskets. Learn more, here.

Skadoodle’s Boutique

Located on HWY 86 in Elizabeth, Skadoodle’s is an eclectic boutique offering a unique and ever-changing collection of women’s clothing. In addition, Skadoodle’s carries a diverse selection of accessories, shoes, home decor, and custom gifts. To check out Skadoodle’s current collections, click here.

Elizabeth County Kennels

With a family owned and operated facility nestled on a sprawling 60 acres, Elizabeth County Kennels is no ordinary boarding service. Offering doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming services, Elizabeth County Kennels is committed to creating an excellent experience for both you and your four-legged friends. The owners live on-site, so no pet is ever left alone on the property, and every furry pal is given special attention and care based on their individual needs. Dogs are given outdoor time and are taken on nature walks throughout the 60-acre property each day. To learn more about what Elizabeth County Kennels has to offer, click here.

Many new houses in Elizabeth, Colorado are located near Elbert County’s steadily growing business scene. This is especially true of our brand-new community, Independence Neighborhood. Each one of our beautiful homes are thoughtfully constructed with conservation and sustainability in mind, and the quaint Independence Neighborhood offers a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of the nearby Denver metropolitan area. To learn more about our community and availability, please contact our team.

Elizabeth CO shop local photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

If you’re searching for homes for sale in Denver or nearby areas, you may be curious about what to look for in your new property, or where to start. We all know that the process of searching for a new home can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. If you start by identifying which community features are most important to you, this can help to start the process and relieve some stress by bringing you one step closer to finding your perfect home. Here, to help with purchasing a new home, we share the community features that were at the top of the list for our residents at the brand-new Independence Neighborhood in Elizabeth, Colorado:

Proximity to Nature

Love the idea of enjoying a daily walk or bike ride in your neighborhood? Be sure to find a home that offers the proximity to nature that you desire. Our conservation community is located on 1,000 lush acres in Elizabeth, and we’ve preserved more than 400 acres exclusively for outdoor activities. When you choose to live in Independence, you’ll benefit from effortless access to nature (plus, community parks are located within 1,000 feet of every home).

Consider the Suburbs

If you work in Denver but you’d like a brand-new home without a Denver price tag, the suburbs may be an excellent option. The southeastern suburbs of Denver are growing quickly, including towns like Elizabeth. There are several new home communities in the suburbs of Denver, and with growth expected to keep skyrocketing, you may be poised to build equity more quickly. For those who need to be close to Denver but don’t mind a commute, purchasing in the suburbs is certainly an option to consider.

The History of the Neighborhood

When you’re ready to purchase a home, you may be interested in finding a neighborhood that’s home to a rich history. Our conservation community began as a family-owned working ranch in the 1860s, and we’ve preserved key components from its roots. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with character, Independence may be perfect for you. Several of the centuries-old structures have been preserved and restored, and the influence of the ranch’s background has inspired the design of our brand-new homes.

Community Benefits

If you want to love where you live, community features aren’t something you’ll want to compromise on. Amenities such as a fitness center, club house, and other features to enhance your lifestyle will make your neighborhood a place you look forward to coming home to each day. Community amenities may also boost property values in the area, which is a plus if you choose to sell or lease your home in the future.

If you’re thinking about becoming a homeowner, the considerations mentioned here may help to streamline your search for homes for sale in Denver. Less than an hour’s drive from Denver, our conservation community offers unparalleled access to green space and a host of must-have amenities with views for miles. To learn more about our homes and community, please contact our team.