What to Look for as a Homebuyer in Denver in 2021

November 24, 2020

If you’re searching for homes for sale in Denver or nearby areas, you may be curious about what to look for in your new property, or where to start. We all know that the process of searching for a new home can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. If you start by identifying which community features are most important to you, this can help to start the process and relieve some stress by bringing you one step closer to finding your perfect home. Here, to help with purchasing a new home, we share the community features that were at the top of the list for our residents at the brand-new Independence Neighborhood in Elizabeth, Colorado:

Proximity to Nature

Love the idea of enjoying a daily walk or bike ride in your neighborhood? Be sure to find a home that offers the proximity to nature that you desire. Our conservation community is located on 1,000 lush acres in Elizabeth, and we’ve preserved more than 400 acres exclusively for outdoor activities. When you choose to live in Independence, you’ll benefit from effortless access to nature (plus, community parks are located within 1,000 feet of every home).

Consider the Suburbs

If you work in Denver but you’d like a brand-new home without a Denver price tag, the suburbs may be an excellent option. The southeastern suburbs of Denver are growing quickly, including towns like Elizabeth. There are several new home communities in the suburbs of Denver, and with growth expected to keep skyrocketing, you may be poised to build equity more quickly. For those who need to be close to Denver but don’t mind a commute, purchasing in the suburbs is certainly an option to consider.

The History of the Neighborhood

When you’re ready to purchase a home, you may be interested in finding a neighborhood that’s home to a rich history. Our conservation community began as a family-owned working ranch in the 1860s, and we’ve preserved key components from its roots. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with character, Independence may be perfect for you. Several of the centuries-old structures have been preserved and restored, and the influence of the ranch’s background has inspired the design of our brand-new homes.

Community Benefits

If you want to love where you live, community features aren’t something you’ll want to compromise on. Amenities such as a fitness center, club house, and other features to enhance your lifestyle will make your neighborhood a place you look forward to coming home to each day. Community amenities may also boost property values in the area, which is a plus if you choose to sell or lease your home in the future.

If you’re thinking about becoming a homeowner, the considerations mentioned here may help to streamline your search for homes for sale in Denver. Less than an hour’s drive from Denver, our conservation community offers unparalleled access to green space and a host of must-have amenities with views for miles. To learn more about our homes and community, please contact our team.