Preserving Elbert County’s History Through Restoration

June 14, 2022

As they say, the only constant is change. Take a look at most small towns in America and you’ll see that this is true. From new businesses to new homes, old stomping grounds tend to evolve and transform. 

Of course, there’s still something to be said about history, nostalgia, and the good old days. So, while you can’t stop time, at least you can preserve it…and Independence Community is doing just that.

To honor the heritage of the area, Craft Companies is restoring a handful of structures and putting a modern spin on old memories. Some of these structures, located in the Independence neighborhood, date back centuries. The Independence Homestead House, the Farmhouse Victorian, and the barn are presently being restored and turned into community spaces for residents  to enjoy. 

Restoration enthusiasts are converting the Farmhouse Victorian into a coffee shop and community center. Originally built in 1921, the finished space will merge the times of yore with a cup of joe. The shop will include original artifacts, which are being restored, as well as information on their history, giving patrons a chance to explore the Elbert County that once was. 

The History Quest, a local company that focuses on restoration and genealogy with a special niche in ranches, farms, and houses, is leading the restoration process. The company is headed by Shawn Strain, a local and lifelong resident of Elbert County and the former owner of an antique shop in Elizabeth.  

The restoration is slated to include everything but the kitchen sink (although it may very well include the kitchen sink, too). Furniture and glassware are on the list of items scheduled for repair, and anything too damaged will be disposed of. 

The process will even go beyond buildings and wares. Craft Companies, the developer behind Independence, is focusing on the outdoor surroundings, as well. Three windmills have been deemed iconic landmarks and protections are being put into place for wildlife corridors, natural vegetation areas, and wetlands.  

Craft Companies has also partnered with the Butterfly Pavilion and Denver Urban Gardens to ensure that the Independence Community habitat is inviting to local pollinators, while laying a foundation for new gardens, complete with water-preserving techniques. 

The Independence Neighborhood proves that everything old is new again, at least with hard work and a creative eye. The restoration will honor the history of the region while providing the community a place to gather, celebrate, and rejuvenate. It’s the ideal way to preserve the past and the future simultaneously.

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